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Summer school for high school programs will take place at Gunn High School from 06/15 - 06/24. Please review the information about each session of summer school below.

The Board Policy Review Committee (BPRC) has been established as a Board of Education committee to assist the Board in its thinking about District policies.  The scope of the work involves policies in operations, new mandates and policies derived from State of California legislation, and policy needs for Palo Alto Unified School District.


Schedule for Finals
This week, all seniors will take their finals during their regular classes. The following week, Gunn  9th, 10th and 11th graders will take their finals.  
Here is the schedule for finals for non seniors. Tuesday, June 2,  periods B, D and Zero; June 3, periods A, C and G and June 4, periods E and F.

The Creative Scheduling Committee agreed on a new bell schedule for Gunn High School. The agreement was reached by concensus and is awaiting approval by the Board of Education. For further details about this new proposed bell schedule, please see the Creative Scheduling Committee site.