Jane Dick, parent of Shep (11th) and Payton (8th) Dick

I have served as one of the parent reps on the Gunn Site Council for the last 2 years, and I am very interested in continuing to serve in this role. Over the last 2 years, we have worked hard to define and refine the role and operations of the Site Council, seeking to put the limited dollars we receive from the State to excellent use at Gunn for all Gunn students, to increase the awareness of what Site Council is and can be, to encourage broader parent use of Site Council as an avenue to discuss school-wide issues, and to ensure that the goals determined in our last WASC accreditation process are acted on and evaluated for effectiveness. As an active Site Council member (and current co-chair), I have really enjoyed working on your behalf and getting to know the students, staff, and other parents on the Council. I would welcome the opportunity to continue. 

Kurt Hetzel, parent of Kyle (11th), Chloe (10th) and Sydney (10th)

I spent 25 years in the high tech industry in a variety of positions including mechanical design engineer, engineering manager, product management, business development, business planning and strategy, etc. I spent the last 6 years managing various business strategy programs at Hewlett-Packard where I worked for 20 years. Last year I decided to make a career change and I now have my own real estate development company with projects in the Bay Area. I would like to get more involved with my immediate community before my three kids go off to college. My wife was on site council at Nixon Elementary and I'd like to do the same to help have a positive impact at Gunn. 

Sujata Kadambi, parent of Tejas (10th)

I worked as a research assistant at PAMF for over 6 years and helped plan and execute experiments in the lab as well as training of new researchers. I have been actively involved with my children's school committees for the year round events like book fairs and fete. As a class mom I organized extra activities for the class. Currently, I volunteer at Learning Ally and help in quality control of audio books as well as training new volunteers to direct readers.

 Elizabeth Milner, parent of Emily (11th) and Thomas (9th)

I have enjoyed serving the community by being part of Site Council for the last 2 years, as well as being part of the WASC team before that. It has been satisfying and engaging to participate in enacting the WASC goals through Site Council, and something I want to continue. I have been actively pursuing ways to engage parent feedback for Site Council more, as well as seeking to build consensus and relationship between parent, staff and student groups on the council. I have had 3 children at Gunn - 1 a sophomore in college, 1 a Junior and 1 freshman so am looking forward to continued involvement at Gunn. I am also loving my work as a facility chaplain in the Santa Clara County jail system, serving a diverse group of people and working to bring much needed services and support to the inmates and staff there. 

Carolina Moraes Liu, parent of Elisa (9th)

I am a strong believer in the importance of a school that develops life-long learners and responsible citizens, and over the years I have volunteered in my children's schools, both public and private. I have worked inside the classrooms, at PTAs, and I have served twice as school board member at the Pan American School in Brazil (American school accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges - NEASC). At the Pan American School I served as a member and as vice president of the School Board. These years of experience in different schools has provided me with a unique understanding of various management systems and projects. Aside from this, I have a BS degree in Accounting, an MA in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. I work as a documentary producer for academic films, and I would like the chance to serve as a parent representative at the Gunn Site Council. 

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