Facilities Steering Committee



November 14, 2012

(action items are in bold)

In attendance: Don Briggs (PE), Kim Cowell (Asst. Principal), Ellen Feigenbaum (English), Lisa Hall (Student Activities), Roni Habib (Technology), Kathy Hawes (Math), Anne Jensen (World Languages),Trinity Klein (Asst. Principal), Dawna Linsdell (Prof. Dev.), James Lubbe (Dean of Students), Lynne Navarro (Social Studies), Laurie Pennington (Science), Shivani Pulimamidi (Special Ed.), Sarah Stapp (Athletics), Todd Summers (Arts)., Katya Villalobos (Principal). Absent: Tom Jacoubowsky (Asst. Principal),  Jovi Johnston (Guidance), Meg Omainsky (Library). Visitors: Joanna Hubenthal, Liz Matchett, , Arthur Keller, Cindy Peters, Duncan McMillan, Alex Morrison, Ed Corpuz, Mike Camicia, Erwin Lee (DLM Architects), Laurie Larson (DLM Architects). Notes taken by Martha Elderon.


    1. The road between Miranda and Gunn’s Science Building will be reconfigured to create a roundabout drop-off area and 31 staff parking spaces.

                                      i.     Construction should start in August 2013 with completion approximately February 2014.

  1. An earlier completion date was requested to increase student safety, but it’s improbable due to construction trailer needs.

                                    ii.     A dedicated right-turn lane will be added to west-bound Arastradero and a median will keep traffic flowing.      

  1. New signage (by City of Palo Alto) is needed to clarify which right-turn lanes go into Gunn, onto Miranda, and onto Foothill.

                                   iii.     The roundabout will have 2 lanes on each side so cars dropping off won’t impede traffic flow.

                                   iv.     A raised surface will alert cars to turn around.

                                     v.     Staff can continue past the roundabout, which ends near the CTE building, to 31 parking spaces near the Art Building.

                                   vi.     A right turn onto Miranda will be required upon exiting the parking lot to prevent back-up into the roundabout.

  1. This is problematic since southbound traffic must go to Hillview before turning around.
  2. Adding one or two left-turn roundabouts on Miranda before Hillview would help.
  3. Raising the triangular island at the intersection of Miranda and the backroad will prevent illegal left turns.
  4. Afternoon congestion caused by parked cars awaiting students can be avoided by signs and the presence of a campus supervisor.
  5. Bike lane crossings at Miranda/Arastradero could be dangerous and clear signage is needed.
  6. Paved walkways from the drop-off area will lead throughout campus.
  7. A covered waiting area will be built at the student drop-off area.
  8. The Organic Garden will be moved closer to the Science Building. Garden supervisors Liz Matchett and Cindy Peters will be consulted.
  9. An emergency vehicle gate will be installed at the north end of the staff parking lot.
  10. New bike racks (for 30 bikes) will be installed near the new English/Math building, and a small bridge will provide a safe route from the current bike path between Miranda and Gunn.


    1. The approximate move-in date for new World Languages classrooms is late January 2013.

                                      i.     Facilities AP Kim Cowell will hold meetings with WL teachers to organize their moves.

                                    ii.     Some teachers are already packing their portable classrooms in preparation for their move.

                                   iii.     Teachers may receive up to 14 hours of reimbursementfor non-school-time moving activities.


  1. New bike racks will be installed between the Science and World Languages buildings.


    1. The MDF (Main Data Frame) room in the SAC is essential to Gunn technology and requires extensive wiring and security. It will eventually be relocated to the CTE building due to SAC re-building, and the Facilities Steering Committee voted to expedite the move to this summer to maintain technological service.


    1. After L31 offices move to new buildings, Ed Corpuz’ Titan Broadcast class may relocate to L31 in order to consolidate the broadcast studio and classroom in one area.
    2. After Math classrooms move to the new two-story English/Math building, most math classrooms will be refurbished for Special Ed. use.
    3. After teacher relocation to the new WL building this winter, one row of Village portables can be removed.
    4. After completion of the English/Math building, construction will begin on new SAC and Music buildings.

                                      i.     The new SAC will include a room serving the dual purpose of SEC classroom and conference room.

                                    ii.     The Copy Room will be moved to a tbd central location.

                                   iii.     The new Music building could be two-storied and have enlarged photo and graphic design classrooms.

  1. The new gym, Titan Gym, should be finished by March 2013.