Future Ready Framework at Gunn

Welcome to Future Ready @ Gunn

Future Ready is an initiative started by the United States Department of Education with the purpose to achieve personalized learning for all students by infusing the dynamic use of technology into high-quality teaching. This is not another plan of action, but instead a framework and model for collaborative implementation of existing high quality teaching and learning. Many of the components necessary for success already exist within our schools, this framework attempts to bring cohesion to these existing islands of excellence. The image of the seven gears is an important one, as all the components function in unity, as they are all part of the overall system. The seven gears are as follows:



Future Ready Objectives at Gunn

  1. Students will improve their creative problem-solving skills through their own thinking process
  2. Students will work collaboratively on educational projects
  3. Students will be more engaged, actively participate, and experience deeper learning due to an increase in self-driven inquiry
  4. Students will understand digital citizenship and model appropriate behaviors
  5. Students will be more propared to use technology in project-based learning scenarious in and out of school