Back to School Packet: Summer Mailing Documents

Did you miss any parts of our summer mailing?  Find all of the information you need here.  Please use the links to download any files you may be looking for.  Thanks for all you do to help the Gunn community!

Welcome (Back) to Gunn High School from Principal Herrmann

Back-to-School Contributions Envelope

Gunn Engineering Night: Get Your Free Tickets Now!

The third annual Gunn Engineering Night will be held at 7pm on May 26, 2015. It is a celebration of Gunn graduates who have gone on to do amazing  work, ranging from environmental engineering to robotics to games creation to starting up companies to a wide variety of wonderful things.  Please join us and learn about what it means to be an engineer and some of the possible careers that engineers can embark upon. 

Committee Reaches Consensus on New Bell Schedule

The Creative Scheduling Committee agreed on a new bell schedule for Gunn High School. The agreement was reached by concensus and is awaiting approval by the Board of Education. For further details about this new proposed bell schedule, please see the Creative Scheduling Committee site.

Please click image for expanded view.

Gunn Investigative Medicine Club Tackles Groundwater Contamination

It started with a strange smell. Brent Han, a Gunn High School sophomore, said he began waking late at night to a stench that stung the back of the throat in 2011. He never figured out what it was but decided it was worth exploring again after he founded the Investigative Medicine Club this year. His research led him to one of Palo Alto’s darker legacies: ground water tainted with trichloroethylene, or TCE. The U.S.Environmental Protection Agency released a final health assessment four years ago that characterized the industrial solvent as carcinogenic to humans.

2014-2015 Principal's Cup Nomination Form

Any student, parent, or staff member may nominate a teacher for this award. Please refer to the information below to assist you in bringing forward your nomination.

2014-2015 Prinicipal's Cup (Teacher of the Year) Nomination

Gunn Creative Scheduling Committee

If you are interested in following the progress of the Gunn Creative Scheduling Committee, please check the committee's website.

Find out about the Committee's Town Hall Meeting on our Facebook page.


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