Professional Development

Professional Development Groups


•Not in Our Schools Week is a campaign to promote acceptance, awareness, and identity safety within the PAUSD community.

Professional development intends to provide teachers time during our contractual workday to reflect on their teaching practice and have meaningful conversations with colleagues about student learning (thinking) and pedagogy that will increase effective teaching in order to meet our school wide goals for 2013-2014. More...

Focal students give teachers a critical window into the factors beyond academics that influence learning. Factors such as what motivates a student, the student's belief in himself, or his perception of whether his teacher believes in him all impact learning.  More...

Intended to provide an opportunity for teachers to learn/collaborate on topics intended to support each student (and specifically underserved students) and reflect and refine instruction in order to continue to meet the learning needs of each student. More,,,

Designed to provide teachers an opportunity to collaborate with guidance counselors, teachers, and administrators about the concerns for students, and possibly brainstorm a plan that provides academic and social-emotional supports in order to create a road to success for these students.  There will be a systematic approach to monitor student progress and the use of support structures, and communicate progress to the appropriate adults.