The Gunn Math Department recommends that some students do summer homework to prepare themselves for next Fall.


1. Students going to Alg2/TrigA and students bridging up to Alg2/TrigH from Geo A are strongly encouraged to review vital Algebra skills over the summer.  We have the following resources for this:



2.  Students going to AB Calculus next year (especially those bridging up from Precalculus) are encouraged to review Advanced Algebra skills by doing the following:



3. Students bridging up to Analysis from Alg2/TrigA will need to learn a few topics on their own this summer.  These are topics that other Analysis students learned in Alg2/TrigH.  The following attached pdf has links to instructional videos and also problem sets on




The Gunn World Language Department will offer its placement tests for the 17-18  school year on Thursday August 10th at 9:30 am in G-5, the World Language lab. Although we will accommodate walk-ins, we would prefer that students sign up in advance.Please email Krissy Ludemann to sign up at