As a rule, PAUSD Summer School is only for credit recovery, not for advancement (taking GEO A for rising 10th graders is the one exception).  So we’d recommend enriching your students mathematical background by studying problem solving, contest math, or some other topic not offered at Gunn.

The Art of Problem Solving offers many on-line courses.  We’d recommend a selection from their “Contest Math” Series, “intermediate math” series or computer science. While your student won’t receive PAUSD credit for these courses it will help them improve their skills as a problem solver.

AMC advantage is an on-line course developed to help students with problem solving and contest math.

Paly often offers a summer problem solving class. Please see the course offerings on the PAUSD Summer School website. 

The American Mathematical Society has a page with great resources for summer enrichment opportunities:

A math course is much more than learning content. It involves discussions, problem solving, constructing viable arguments, critiquing the reasoning of others, projects, enrichment and more. Skipping classes in the Gunn Math Honors sequence should be very rare.

-->  In fact, the only possible class to skip is Alg2/Trig H. The reasoning is as follows:

  •  Geometry is a graduation requirement and must be taken at PAUSD (or another school district)

  • The Analysis H curriculum is non-standard and features many college level topics and an emphasis on problem solving that cannot be replicated by self-study.

-->  To skip Alg2/TrigH a student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Average 93% or higher on unit tests in Geo H
  • Earn a qualifying score on the AMC 10 or 12 (offered twice in February)
  • Earn a score of 93% or higher on the Alg2/Trig H final exam. Such an exam will be arranged with the Gunn Math Department Lead and be taken before Summer Break

 -->  Skipping classes outside of the honors lane is never allowed. 

-->  Please visit our Summer Opportunities page for additional enrichment options.