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Gunn Performing Arts Center

Video by Daniel Luo


2024-25 School Year

We support all students as they prepare themselves to thrive as global citizens in a rapidly changing world. We develop our students’ knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and nurture their curiosity, creativity, and resilience, empowering every child to reach his or her fullest intellectual, social, and creative potential.

Serve & Celebrate

Gunn Freshman Krish Khanna Ranked in NON 2024

Gunn high school student (rising sophomore) Krish Khanna has performed exceptionally well at the Nike Outdoor Nationals meet 2024 (

At NON 2024, Krish Khanna participated in the Boys 100 m dash, Freshman and ranked #4 out of 51 qualified participants. He clocked an impressive 11.08s and the next closest participant from the state of CA ranked 13 with 11.25s. This is celebratory for Gunn High School!  

Gunn Students Winners in Japan Bowl 2024

A team of Japanese language students from Gunn traveled to Washington DC last weekend to participate in the Japan Bowl 2024. The Gunn Japanese 2 team finished in 2nd place, the Japanese 3 team finished in 4th place and the Japanese 4 team finished in 4th place. Congratulations Gunn Japanese language students!