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Update: 6/1/2020

AP make-up exam schedule

Update: 5/13/2020

Taking APs?

If you experienced a technical problem while taking your exam please call the student helpline to report your problem. You may be directed to sign up for the make-up day. This is the link to sign up for make-up testing due to a technical issue only. See page 18 of the exam guide

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AP Schedule

AP Exam Guide

If you have a specific AP question please use the "let's talk" application on the left side of the Gunn AP Webpage.

updated: 5/1/2020

Please review the most up-to-date AP Exam Testing Guide prior to taking your exam(s). There is very important information in this guide to help you prepare for the new testing environment. Also, make sure your contact information is up-to-date and correct on MyAP.

You may be prompted on exam day to double check your school code. Your code should match the school that you attend.

Gunn Students: 052347

Paly Students: 052350

Please direct any AP questions to the "let's talk" app on the Gunn AP Webpage

updated: 4/24/2020

As promised, we’ve set up further online AP Reviews for any student who wants to use them.  These are multiple 45 minute sessions delivered over a 3 week period, across a wide array of AP Subjects taught by AP subject experts who are also well versed in test prep.  We are doing this because we all know that the upcoming AP exams are going to be delivered in a never-before-used format and thus your approach to these exams will be inherently different.

There is a small charge to join this program ($30 per course), but we’ve also made arrangements to get free access for anyone who cannot afford that amount.  To get the free access to the class of your choice, please send an email request to

To see which AP review subjects are on offer – along with the schedules - please use this link,

You can also register there for the review(s) of your choice and even if your schedule does not permit you participate in every session, you’re going to derive value and expertise from the ones you can attend.

The following links provide updated information about AP testing.

New AP Schedule
Taking the exam(s) online
Access to online AP classes

Registration for APs is closed. To cancel and receive a full refund for exam(s) please login to Total Registration











The following videos were made to help prepare students for exam day and were shown during morning announcements during the 2018-19 school year.

Video 4

Advanced Placement TV - Episode 4

Video 3

Video 2

Advanced Placement TV - Episode 2

Video 1

Advanced Placement TV with Mr. Newland - Episode 1