Academic Center

The Academic Center is an inclusive support center where all Gunn students can receive tutoring, do homework, study for a test, and work collaboratively on projects. In the AC, students requesting support in their academics, can receive free tutoring from peer student tutors and qualified adult community volunteers.

 AC Hours:  Monday - Friday:   8:00AM - 5:00PM


What to Expect about Peer Tutoring at the Gunn Academic Center

 If you think you want a tutor, or you want to become a tutor…

 Step 1: Apply to Get or Become a Tutor

You will complete a “Get a Student Tutor” application, including your:

1) Contact information,
2) The class(es) you want a tutor for, and
3) Your availability to meet with a tutor.

 The tutor will complete a “Become a Student Tutor” application including their:

1)    Contact information,
2)    The class(es) they feel comfortable tutoring, and
3)    Their availability to meet with a student. 

Step 2: Search for a Match

I will sort through all applications and find matches: the application(s) with the same Classes and Availability. 

Step 3: Confirm

I will contact the Tutor (via email, Schoology and text) to find out if their schedule is still open on the preferred dates. 

I can’t assume their schedule has not changed.  Many students add clubs, jobs and sports to their schedules throughout the school year and changes are common.   In the meantime, I wait for the students’ reply. 

Step 4: Match or Search

If the Tutor is no longer available I have two possibilities.

1)    Find the next match on the list and contact that student.
2)    If there are no matches I must recruit a tutor. 

I recruit tutors by facebook post, the Daily Bulletin, the Gunn Connection, and fliers throughout the Academic Center.   Then I wait for volunteers.  Sometimes no one volunteers and I keep advertising. 

Step 5: Confirm and communicate

If a find a successful tutor match I communicate to both student and tutor with a “NEWS FROM THE AC: YOU HAVE A TUTOR MATCH” email, Schoology message and text. 

FAQ: The Answer is “Supply and Demand.”

Q: I applied on Tuesday.  Why don’t I have a tutor yet? 

A: I set to finding a tutor match the instant I get an application.  If I don’t have tutors “in stock” for the subject or availability you have requested I need to recruit.  It takes a while.  When it takes me two weeks to find a tutor match it’s disheartening to find out you no longer want a tutor. 

It’s also sad when students apply for a tutor 1-2 weeks before finals.  That’s a time of year when the student tutors are focusing on their own finals and final projects.  If you have not cultivated a tutor relationship throughout the semester, do not expect to start one with two weeks left in the semester. 

Q: I applied to be a tutor and no one has contacted me?

A:  If I have not contacted you that simply means I have no requests for the subject or availability you have offered.  If I receive a request for what you offer, I will certainly get in contact with you ASAP. 

If you have questions or concerns you may reach me in person in the Gunn Academic Center on Monday through Friday, 1:00-5:00pm.   You may email

Yours, Pam Steward in the AC


How to request a tutor

Students who would like to be tutored by one of our volunteers can fill out an application in the AC. Our staff will pair student requests for tutors with available peer tutors or adult community volunteers.

The AC also has a searchable database with Professional Community Tutors who list their services. These Professional Community Tutors usually charge fees for their services and are not affiliated with Gunn High School. Parents and students interested in any of the tutors in the database should contact these services directly.

How to become  a tutor

If you are interested in becoming a Student Tutor or an Adult Community Volunteer Tutor, please come to the Gunn AC to pick up and complete an application. The AC staff will contact you when a match with a student requesting a tutor is indicated.

If you would like to add your name/services to the Professional Community Tutors database, please add your information on the Professional Community Tutor Application form. The information you provide on the form will be available to parents and students.


Academic Center coordinator
Academic Center coordinator


New Direction for the Gunn Academic Center

With the implementation of some new policies, the AC is better than ever and more conducive to studying, tutoring and learning.