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  • Study skills
    Class designed to help students with identified learning or other disabilities to achieve at levels closer to their potential. Students will receive assistance and instruction in different areas of learning strategies to help them achieve the goals agreed to in their IEP, which correlate with identified areas of student need.
    Study Skills

  • Academic Support

    Academic Support is a tier of Study Skills (Resource) at Gunn High School. In Academic Support, there are smaller student to teacher/aide ratios to offer individualized support for each student. Additionally, resources and information are made available to each student to reinforce what they are learning in each of their academic classes.
    Academic Support

  • Resource Lab

    Resource Lab is a course designed for students with individualized needs for support for academic progress. It is meant to support students with their progress in the curriculum and content of their academic courses at Gunn.
    Resource lab


  • Academic Enhancement

    Academic Enhancement is using Read 180/System 44, a research-based reading intervention program that aligns with California State Standards designed to accelerate the reading levels and test scores of struggling readers by directly addressing individual student needs.  These programs use customized and adaptive instructional software, differentiated instruction, high-interest fiction and nonfiction books, and systematic direct instruction in reading skills, vocabulary, writing, and grammar.
    Academic Enhancement

  • Writing Lab

    Skills based intervention, differentiated based upon students’ individual needs and goals as determined by IEP. Remediate foundational skills needed to be successful in the general education program. Differentiated small group work.
    Writing Lab


  • Academic Communication

    Academic Communication is a Special Education elective course that strives to address the learning needs of students whose primary deficit is in the area of social cognition. Students receive direct instruction in the area of effective social communication strategies. The goal of the course is to facilitate collaboration among students while exploring aspects of social thinking, flexibility and perspective taking.
    Academic Communication

  • DHH Program

    Courses are designed to provide a program of instruction in high school English, Social Studies and Resource. It is specifically tailored to provide hearing impaired students access to to course relevant instructional materials. Although the course content parallels non DHH course objectives, the presentation of curriculum by a credentialed teacher of the deaf promotes significant gains in mastering high school course curriculum.

  • Futures Program

    This program is designed for students with moderate-severe needs. Students engage in meaningful community experiences both on and off campus. Curriculum is based in social skills, functional living skills and vocational skills. Especially trained staff provides scaffolded support to foster independence.

      • Functional Academics #8279
      • Vocational Training #8284
      • Mainstream NCP Classes

  • Therapeutic Elective Component (TEC)
    Specialized mental health support built in to the school day for students with significant emotional needs. TEC will provide a safe therapeutic environment in which, students develop and utilize appropriate emotional regulation and social behaviors in order to succeed academically. The class is comprised of academic instruction and therapeutic support.
    Therapeutic Elective (TEC)


As part of our efforts to make Gunn a truly inclusive campus, we piloted the research-driven co-teaching model in the year 2012-2013. For this academic year, we continued to build on this program and are currently co-teaching 21 classes/sections.  Please feel free to contact Ms. Shivani Pulimamidi at or 650-354-8218 or ext. 6204 with questions regarding our co-taught classes.

Wed, 09/11/2013 - 6:58am

Gunn Counseling Update - August 27th, 2013

Dear Gunn Community,
Here is this week's update from the Gunn Counseling Department. Apologies for the delay in the counseling update as Infinite Campus was down yesterday making it impossible to send out messages.
Back to School Night This Thursday at 6:30 PM

career tech note

Mon, 02/04/2013 - 2:36pm

Welcome to the Tech Corner!

The purpose of this page is to inform the Gunn community about news and projects the Gunn Tech team is working on to improve life around campus, and the global educational technology community.

Parents and Students can find Gunn's technology team in Library room LB2C.

Wed, 01/09/2013 - 12:34pm

New Direction for the Gunn Academic Center

With the implementation of some new policies, the AC is better than ever and more conducive to studying, tutoring and learning. The new policies include restrictions on the use of AC computers for academic use only, as well as on consuming food and drinks in the center.

How to Create a Parent Schoology Account

Parents looking to setup a PAUSD schoology account will need to follow this setup process:

1. Visit the Infinite Campus Student/Parent Login portal, and provide your parent login information.

2. Once you have accessed your Infinite Campus account refer to the following graphic to assist you in locating your Schoology activation key.

Summer Construction

Construction continues on the Gunn Campus with the new World Languages Building (in the front of the school), the new gym and the new two story classroom buidling near the rear of the school. There will be quite a few disruptions around campus all summer. Please be careful driving, walking or biking on campus.

The Gunn Physical Education staff is committed to excellence and the development of each student by creating an atmosphere of fun, focus and friendship. The mission of the Gunn Physical Education Department is the development of the total student by offering a comprehensive program emphasizing health, wellness and lifelong learning through exercise, sports skill development and critical thinking. 

Gunn Athletic Teams/Preps/Sports Waivers and Independent Study Physical Education
Enrollment in Physical Education at Gunn and Paly are required during your freshman year (10 credits).  You must take another year of physical education during 10-12th grade.

Athletic Waiver (Prep):  Proper use of the “prep” period is strongly encouraged.  The “prep” period is a privilege and is meant to be used for studying and/or working with individual teachers.  You must be signed up for a PE class in order to request a waiver and use the Athletic Waiver Form.
Students are required to return to PE at the end of the season or if the student leaves the team in mid-season.  Unexcused absences may not be cleared if the student fails to follow the stated requirements (see prep form for more details).

Student Self-Evaluation Form: Student who participation in Gunn Athletics during a  sport season, must submit a Student Self-Evaluation Form in order to receive credit and a grade for PE. Please check the website for due dates as the grading period approaches for each sport season.

    For Fall Season: Due no later than Wednesday September 30th, 2015
    For Winter Season: Due no later than
For Spring Season: Due date TBD

Independent Study:  This semester long course is available to students who have completed their freshmen year of Physical Education at Gunn or Paly and passed 5 of 6 of the Ca Fitness Tests administered the prior spring (freshman year).

These criteria must also be met to be eligible for Independent Study:

  • The student has a minimum of three years of prior experience in the activity.
  • Qualifying experience is year-round instruction/training on a 5-6 days per week schedule.
  • Student trains a minimum of 15 hours per week under appropriate supervision of a qualified Coach.

Independent Study PE applications are available upon request from the Physical Education Instructional Supervisor during the first 2 weeks of the school year and the first two weeks of the 2nd semester.  They will be only be accepted during that two-week period for that semester.  Late applicants may re-enroll for the next semester.

Wed, 05/30/2012 - 11:33am

The English program at Gunn High School focuses on the traditional concerns of the discipline—literature, composition, language, and grammar.  Literature serves as a resource for both the study of ideas, culture, and values, and the development of composition skills. The study of composition and writing emphasizes the art and the craft, the organization and the support, and the clear and effective use of language in its written forms. Vocabulary, language, and grammar studies are integrated with the study of literature and composition.

The Gunn English program consists of a four-year required sequence of both required and elective semester-long courses designed to meet students’ needs in literature, composition, and language study at levels appropriate to their individual skills and abilities in English. The complete sequence includes required courses in American, World, Contemporary, and Western Literatures, as well as in communication skills and literary genres.

Fri, 05/25/2012 - 11:43am


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