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Freshman Winter Preps Start November 14

Starting on Wednesday, all WINTER athletes who have qualified for the Gunn team, may turn in their PE Prep Forms to their PE teachers, and with their Teacher's permission, may start their prep. You can download the PE prep form on the PE Department homepage.

Summer Construction

Construction continues on the Gunn Campus with the new World Languages Building (in the front of the school), the new gym and the new two story classroom buidling near the rear of the school. There will be quite a few disruptions around campus all summer. Please be careful driving, walking or biking on campus.

The Gunn Physical Education staff is committed to excellence and the development of each student by creating an atmosphere of fun, focus and friendship. The mission of the Gunn Physical Education Department is the development of the total student by offering a comprehensive program emphasizing health, wellness and lifelong learning through exercise, sports skill development and critical thinking. 

Gunn Athletic Teams/Preps/Sports Waivers and Independent Study Physical Education
Enrollment in Physical Education at Gunn and Paly are required during your freshman year (10 credits).  You must take another year of physical education during 10-12th grade.

Athletic Waiver (Prep):  Proper use of the “prep” period is strongly encouraged.  The “prep” period is a privilege and is meant to be used for studying and/or working with individual teachers.  You must be signed up for a PE class in order to request a waiver and use the Athletic Waiver Form.
Students are required to return to PE at the end of the season or if the student leaves the team in mid-season.  Unexcused absences may not be cleared if the student fails to follow the stated requirements (see prep form for more details).

Student Self-Evaluation Form: Student who participation in Gunn Athletics during a  sport season, must submit a Student Self-Evaluation Form in order to receive credit and a grade for PE. Please check the website for due dates as the grading period approaches for each sport season.

    For Fall Season: Due no later than Wednesday September 30th, 2015
    For Winter Season: Due no later than
For Spring Season: Due date TBD

Independent Study:  This semester long course is available to students who have completed their freshmen year of Physical Education at Gunn or Paly and passed 5 of 6 of the Ca Fitness Tests administered the prior spring (freshman year).

These criteria must also be met to be eligible for Independent Study:

  • The student has a minimum of three years of prior experience in the activity.
  • Qualifying experience is year-round instruction/training on a 5-6 days per week schedule.
  • Student trains a minimum of 15 hours per week under appropriate supervision of a qualified Coach.

Independent Study PE applications are available upon request from the Physical Education Instructional Supervisor during the first 2 weeks of the school year and the first two weeks of the 2nd semester.  They will be only be accepted during that two-week period for that semester.  Late applicants may re-enroll for the next semester.

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Statement of Philosophy

The primary goals of any educational institution should be to enhance the learning environment and
to promote the pursuit of intellectual excellence. The Palo Alto Board of Education believes that the
public school should reinforce the values of our democratic society, teach citizenship, and provide an
environment conducive to ethical behavior . Our Henry M. Gunn High School community believes
that the school should maintain a climate in which honesty, courtesy, consideration integrity, and a
concern for others are highly valued.

Cheating is an obstacle to achieving these goals. Factors that contribute to cheating include
pressure for grades, not enough time to finish all the required homework, students taking advantage
of teachers who do not monitor their classes closely, unrealistic parent expectations, and inefficient
study skills. None of these reasons makes cheating acceptable. In any of its forms, for whatever
reason, cheating denies the value of education. Our teaching staff strives to put the importance of
learning above the importance of grades and to convince students that their best efforts are all that
anyone should expect.

Definition: Cheating is taking (or lending) at inappropriate times a person’s work, information,
ideas, research, and documentation, without properly identifying the originator.

The teacher’s professional judgment will determine whether cheating has occurred. Students are
reminded not to give the instructor cause to consider their actions violative.
To avoid inadvertent dishonesty the following list, which is not intended to be all-inclusive, delineates
a variety of methods of cheating:
• Looking at someone else’s paper during and examination, test, or quiz.
• Talking with another student during an examination, test, or quiz.
• Using any kind of “cheat notes.”
• Letting someone else see one’s own or another’s paper during an examination, test, or quiz.
• Copying work assigned to be done independently or allowing someone else to copy one’s own or
another’s work, including computer generated information and programs.

Since individual teachers hold different expectations with regard to homework (i.e., some teachers
encourage students to work together while other teachers may expect an assignment to be completed
independently at home), it is the responsibility of the individual teacher to clarify to the student
his/her expectations regarding individual assignments. These may include take-home tests, group
reports, special projects, etc.
• Copying or closely paraphrasing sentences, phrases, or passages from an uncited source while
writing a paper or doing research. This includes inappropriate use of information from the
Internet to do papers.
• Giving test information to other students in other periods of the same teacher/same course.
• Submitting individual projects not wholly one’s own and/or procuring papers or parts of papers
from the Internet.
• Fabricating or altering laboratory data.
• Failure to cite sources including, but not limited to, lack of quotation marks and/or italics.

Consequences: When a student is found to be in violation of the Honor/Integrity Code, the
consequences and procedures for each instance are as follows:
1. In any instance of cheating, a teacher is required to contact parents.
a. The student will receive an “F” for the assignment/exam.
b. The teacher will confer with the student.
c. The teacher will notify the counselor, who will work with the student to help him/her
understand the nature of the offense and how to correct it.
2. Repeating instances of cheating will result in one or more of the following consequences:
a. Receive an “F” for the assignment/exam, and/ or
b. Have quarter mark lowered one full letter grade, or
c. If a new violation occurs in the same class the student will be dropped from the course with an
“F” for the semester, and
d. The student will be suspended for on

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The English program at Gunn High School focuses on the traditional concerns of the discipline—literature, composition, language, and grammar.  Literature serves as a resource for both the study of ideas, culture, and values, and the development of composition skills. The study of composition and writing emphasizes the art and the craft, the organization and the support, and the clear and effective use of language in its written forms. Vocabulary, language, and grammar studies are integrated with the study of literature and composition.

The Gunn English program consists of a four-year required sequence of both required and elective semester-long courses designed to meet students’ needs in literature, composition, and language study at levels appropriate to their individual skills and abilities in English. The complete sequence includes required courses in American, World, Contemporary, and Western Literatures, as well as in communication skills and literary genres.

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