Leaving Campus During The School Day

If a student must leave campus during the day, the parent/guardian needs to notify the Attendance Office by email, in person or by telephone.

The Attendance Office requires advance notice, preferably the day before, if a student needs to leave campus during class time.  A pink Off- Campus Pass is required by the student so that the teacher knows the student has permission to leave class early.  If the student does not pick up the Off-Campus Pass before school, the Attendance Office personnel will send the Pass to the student’s classroom.

The student will be required to show the Off-Campus Pass to their teacher before being allowed to leave the class.  The Pass will indicate the time of departure and the reason for leaving the campus. If the student returns to school the same day, they are required to sign in at the Attendance Office and to fill out a yellow Pass Slip.  This slip will indicate to the teacher that the student has signed in at the Attendance Office.

If you neglect to advise the Attendance Office in advance of your student’s leave time, please email first thing in the morning.   You can also call the Attendance Office phone number which is specifically available for time sensitive information:  Ph:  650-354-8231.

If a student is leaving the campus in between classes, an Off-Campus Pass slip is not required except if leaving at brunch, before FlexTime.   FlexTime is regularly scheduled on Tuesdays at 10.00am.

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