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iPad2 Project: Mass Syncing

iPad2 Project: Day 1

Ok Guys, this is going to be my first of many blog posts about the ipad 2 project im working on here @ Gunn High School.  Its going to be pretty informal, so hang in there - i'm a child of the internet so... enough said I guess.

2012-13 Professional Development Thursday Groups

Community Building with Danny
Our group’s mission is to brainstorm, plan, and implement activities that can strengthen interpersonal relationships on campus and make people feel more a part of the Gunn community.  We are responsible for the Rainy Day Shelters and Tutorial Treats programs.

Cycle of Inquiry with Katherine & Eric

Athletic Test

This is a test to make sure the athletic director and assistant athletic director can post news updates in the form of a blog.

feed to the academics page

Brett is trying to create an information feed in blog format to the main academics page

the purpose is to try and make the splash page for academics pull all blog information that is tagged with the "ACADEMIC" taxonomy and place them on this page.  By doing this it will create sort of a master page with new information while providing links to static information in the left hand menues.

the page will also field all department news, so users looking for global academic information can see everything that is going on without having to visit each department page.

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