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Tuesday/Thursday School

  • Students who accrue a sixth cut on their attendance record will be assigned to Tuesday/Thursday School.
  • Students who accrue five tardies in any one class can be assigned to Tuesday/Thursday School by their teacher.

Auto Dialer

The Auto-Dialer message is sent to parents/guardians twice a day.

The first message is sent at noon notifying parents of any absence(s) their student may have incurred during morning classes.  The second message is sent in the evening at 6.15pm.

Tardy to School

Parents are to notify the Attendance Office when their student is going to arrive late. The parent will provide the reason for the tardy and the time of anticipated arrival. The student will report to the Attendance Office to sign in before proceeding to class.

Tardy Process and Procedures

Excusing an Absence

-  Absences must be excused within 72 hours from date of absence.
-  Only the legal parent/guardian may excuse a student’s absence or tardy

Leaving Campus During The School Day

If a student must leave campus during the day, the parent/guardian needs to notify the Attendance Office by email, in person or by telephone.

Georgia TECH---Atlanta #7 Public

Old University o 400 acres in the heart of Atlanta but retains the cozy campus feel. 40% out of state, Calif well represented. They are on COMMON APP! SAT 20-5- and above ACT 30 and above 1/3 female!

What is the charge of the Creative Scheduling Committee?

The Charge of the Creative Schedule Committee (CSC) is to Investigate, analyze and recommend a creative schedule by May 2015 that will optimize student learning and well-being.

The Committee considers three guiding questions for its schedule recommendations.

            +  What criteria must be met in any schedule recommendation by the CSC?


Schedules, Results, Photo Galleries and much much more can be found on our new Athletic Website

CLICK HERE: http://gunnathletics.com/


Athletic Registration Procedures

Welcome to TBN!

Watch "The G" morning show live daily at 8:20am online or television.

Homework Resources and Common Questions

Students in Precalculus, Algebra2/TrigA and Algebra2/TrigH complete many of their homework assignments online. Using MathXLforSchool.  This website provides instant feedback on the correctness of student work.  Students using the site also have access to similar example problems, videos explaining the concepts, and guided instruction to help solve the problem step by step.



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