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Testing 22-23

Please use the Let's Talk application on the left hand side of this page to ask all testing related questions. Thank you!

  • PSAT October 12, 2022 (Juniors Only)
  • SAT without essay October 27, 2022 (Seniors Only, Optional)
  • AP May 1-12, 2023 (Gunn and Paly students Only, Optional)


Completed October 12, 2022. Score reports will be published on December 5, 2022. PSAT scores can be viewed by clicking on this link and signing in. 

SAT (Optional)  

Who: Gunn seniors who opt in and pay for the exam. There will be information on this page starting next week to walk you through the process of signing up. 

What/why:  All UCs and CSUs are test blind when considering admissions. The SAT is considered for some colleges. We recommend that you research the college admissions process before taking the SAT. 

When: Thursday October 27, 2022. Start time will be 8:15 AM. Door's will close after 10 minutes and students will no longer be admitted.

Where: Gunn library. Students with accommodations will receive a Schoology message on October 21, 2022 with their location. 

Please follow this link to find test center locations in the Bay Area for Saturday testing.

APs (Optional)  

Who: All Gunn students. Paly Students can take Physics 1, German, Microeconomics, and Human Geography. 

What/why: Most students who take an AP course at Gunn take the AP exam to show mastery of the subject. Some colleges will consider AP exam scores for admissions and college credit. Please research the AP policy for each college being considered.   

When: Monday May 1-12, 2023. Here is the schedule created by College Board. 

Where: Pending exam type and number of students registered.  

Cost: You can pay for exam using Total Registration.

Registering properly Is a two-step process and both steps MUST be completed to access the AP Classroom resources and/or order AP Exams. The entire process (both steps) can be completed in a single sitting in approximately 10 minutes.

  1. Complete the registration process on Total Registration.
  2. Enroll in your AP courses and exams in the College Board's MyAP system with the Join Codes you will receive at the end of Total Registration's process. Most students have already joined their classes using a join code, but please double check regardless.