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Community Service

WHAT is community service?

Community service is a non-paying job performed by any person for the benefit of the community or its institutions. Wondering what counts as service at Gunn? Check out the NEW Community Service Guidelines.

WHY do community service?

Engaging in community service provides students with the opportunity to become active members of their community. It can have a lasting, positive impact on society as well as on the person doing the service. Service is a way to build professional skills, foster connections, and make a positive difference in the community. Service has the potential to do as much for the community as it does for the person doing the service. Search Institute and Project Cornerstone recognize Asset #9 Service to Others as the 'gateway asset' because when one engages in service, numerous other assets are unlocked. For more information about service, contact Youth Community Service (YCS) at their website (

RECOGNITION of Community Service

The only Gunn graduation requirement for community service is the hours completed during the Living Skills course. (Other classes may assign community service as part of their coursework.)

Transcript Recognition: Community service can be earned for Gunn transcript recognition after students are enrolled at Gunn. Submit hours to the Registrar on the NEW Community Service form. Any hours to be posted must have been started after 8th grade graduation. The deadline for submitting the form is during Sept of senior year (date to be communicated by Registrar). All hours must have been completed by that date.

President's Volunteer Service Award: This national award recognizes service to the community. Check the YCS website for info about this award and how to apply. The hours that you submit for transcript recognition can be applied to this award. Email for more info.

WHERE to find community service opportunities?