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Course Selection for 2020-2021

Online Course Selection IS NOW CLOSED

For Students CURRENTLY Enrolled in a PAUSD School

If you did not sign up online, please see your Counselor to find out how you can sign up for courses for the coming school year.

Students wishing to make adjustments to their requested or alternate course selections for 2020/2021 must complete a Course Selection Update form and submit it to their school counselor by email.

2020-2021 Course Catalog Electives Guide
Course Selection How-to-Guide Course Selection Worksheet - Grade 9
Time Management Worksheet Course Selection Worksheet - Grade 10
AP & Honors Course Contract Course Selection Worksheet - Grade 11
Athletic Sports Selection Course Selection Worksheet - Grade 12

For Students NEW to PAUSD

Prior to selecting courses for the 2020-2021 school year, students new to PAUSD will first need to complete PAUSD's registration requirements. Once a student is officially registered with PAUSD, they will receive a pink Admit Slip, which will then need to be provided to Gunn's Counseling Department in order to start the course selection process.

New students will choose classes in person with a member of the Gunn Counseling team. No appointments can be made with Gunn Counseling until after students have received the pink Admit Slip. Please note that any schedule requests made prior to June have the same priority, regardless of the date that the student meets with a member of the Gunn Counseling team.