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Course Selection 2024-2025

Students CURRENTLY Enrolled in a PAUSD School

For current 9th to 11th grade Gunn students, the 2024-2025 Course Selection will close on March 7th at 6:00 PM. In addition, we will no longer require paper copies of forms be submitted. Instead, all students should access their Schoology Counseling Course for detailed instructions, resources, and electronic forms that will help them complete the course selection process.

Student Responsibilities
  • Complete online course selections in Infinite Campus (please IGNORE the progress bar)
  • Complete Time Management worksheet (found in Schoology)
  • If applicable, complete AP/Honors Contract (found in Schoology)
  • If applicable, complete Gunn Athletics Selection Form (found in Schoology)
Parent Responsibilities
  • Assist and guide your student(s) through the 2024-2025 Course Selection process

When considering next year's class load, we encourage you to pursue balance and allow enough time for your personal/social life, course expectations, and extracurricular opportunities. The following resources will assist you in exploring course offerings and give you step-by-step instructions to complete course selection.

2024-2025 Course Catalog CTE Handbook
2024-2025 9th Grade Course Catalog Course Selection Worksheet - Grade 9
Course Selection Step-by-Step Guide Course Selection Worksheet - Grade 10
Rising 9th Grade Course Selection Video Course Selection Worksheet - Grade 11
World Language Placement Test Course Selection Worksheet - Grade 12

Students NEW to PAUSD

Prior to selecting courses for the 2024-2025 school year, students new to PAUSD will first need to complete PAUSD's registration requirements. Once a student is officially registered with PAUSD, families will receive an email with their school assignment and instructions on how to contact the school's Counseling Department to start the course selection process.

Families with students new to the district need to fill out the Math Placement Test Registration form, after which they will receive more information regarding the math placement process.  While the Gunn Math Instructional Lead will make every effort to place new students without the need for a formal placement test, some students may need to take a placement test. Students who need to take a Math Placement Test will be informed about the date and time of the test.  

New students will choose classes with a member of the Gunn Counseling team. No appointments can be made with Gunn Counseling until after students have received confirmation from Registration Services regarding school assignment. Please note that any schedule requests made prior to June have the same priority, regardless of the date that the student meets with a member of the Gunn Counseling team.