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Summer Transcript Requests (2020)

The Gunn Registrar will be gone for the summer, starting on Saturday, June 20. She will return on Monday, August 10. However, you can still order transcripts after June 19, using Parchment

Parchment is an online transcript-sending service that Gunn uses. There will be Gunn staff on hand to process the Parchment orders while the Registrar is gone.

Here are the directions for using Parchment to request an unofficial transcript (free) or an official transcript (if an institution is requesting one). Note that a fee may be charged for official transcripts.

Read the following instructions BEFORE you set up an account in Parchment so you know what to expect:

  1. When you create a Parchment account, enter your Date of Birth carefully. Any incorrect entry will cause a delay in Parchment processing.
  2. When Parchment asks you to 'Start by adding a school or organization you attended', enter 'Gunn High School'.
  3. If you want your most current unofficial (free) Gunn transcript stored in your Parchment account, be sure to check the box that says that you want a copy of your transcript stored in your account. Checking the box will cause Parchment to prompt Gunn to upload an unofficial copy of your transcript to your Parchment account. This is a copy for you, to view / print / email only. It will NEVER be sent anywhere by Parchment. Any time you click on 'Update' on the bottom of the transcript image, Parchment will let Gunn know to upload the newest unofficial transcript to your Parchment account.
  4. Once you decide you want to order a transcript to be sent out, you must generate a Parchment 'order' request. Gunn will receive your Parchment request and will upload your most current transcript to Parchment. Then Parchment will send the transcript out, as an 'official transcript', to whatever institution(s) you selected to receive it.
  5. The 1st two official transcripts ordered are free (tho there may be a small shipping/handling charge). There is a fee for any additional transcripts ordered.
  6. If you have Parchment questions, contact Parchment Customer Service at They usually get back to you in 1-2 days.
  7. Now that you know what to expect, go to and begin!!

Stay safe and enjoy your summer!