College & Career Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for the SAT, SAT II, PSAT and ACT?
For testing information and relevant links please go to

Q: What is Family Connection? What is Naviance?
Family Connection is a web-based service designed especially for planning and exploring your college options. This service is also sometimes referred to as "Naviance," the name of the company that runs it. Family Connection is a comprehensive ... [learn more]

Q: How do I get to Family Connection (or Naviance)?
This link will take you to the Gunn section of Family Connection, Naviance's web service:

Q: When are the SAT and ACT tests offered?
A: Testing information and relevant links are all on the college test page.

Q: Where can I find the contact information for the GUNN Guidance Counselors?
A: Check out the guidance dept site. This page has contact information for all counselors as well as the counselor assignment rubric.

Q: Where can I find the Senior Forms?
A: Go to the guidance dept senior page. It has all the forms you'll need.

Q: When are the PAUSD information nights?
A: Please check this site. The Parent/Student information night dates will be posted there.

Q: Where can I find the URL's for the numerous college websites?
A: Family Connection has links to each college's website. Also take a look at the college links page here on the CCC website.

Q: My tax forms for last year aren't finished yet. How can I meet the FAFSA deadline?
A: Use your W-2s and make the best estimate you can. Most schools, once you are admitted, will ask you later for more specific information they need.

Q: What is the College Rep Visits Process?
A: The college rep visit process will take at least 3 days of advanced planning by students.  Please clear your attendance with your teacher first for permission to attend a college rep visit, during their class.  If your teacher indicates you have been granted the permission to attend the college rep visit, then sign-up for it in Family Connection. College Rep Visit can be find under the "college" tab, then click on "view all upcoming visits" to view the list and sign-up. The college rep visit will be 35 minutes long during the beginning of each class period. Students will have to return to class after the college rep visit. Mr. Lang in the College and Career Center will give every student a pass back to class after the college rep visits.

If you need help with logging into your Family Connection account please send me, Mr. Lang, an email at

STAFF: These presentations are considered a privilege for students whose work in your class is satisfactory and up-to-date. College Rep Visits are limited to 10 for seniors, and junior can sign-up for 5 only.  Missing class for the meeting must be approved and in advance by the teacher. Student will not be able attend College Rep Visits if they are not signed-up on Family Connection with Naviance.

College Rep Visits are for students only.

Q: I have a question that wasn't answered here, and I can't find it on the CCC website. What should I do?
A: We are always trying to make this page more useful. Please send an email to Mr Lang in the CCC and ask him to put your question on the CCC FAQ Page.


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