All scholarships about which we learn are listed in Family Connection. Every Gunn student and parent has access to Family Connection - please see or email Mr Lang if you need help accessing it. We are no longer maintaining the scholarship lists on this website - the most up-to-date information is on Family Connection.

I filled out a scholarship application, so what do I do next?
Collect the following materials and turn them in to Mr Lang in the CCC:
1. Checklist indicating what is included with your packet and what materials need to be added.
2. Application, completely filled out.
3. Essay, if required.
4. Any other required personal items such as a photo or artwork, as specified.
5. Stamped envelope, addressed as instructed on the scholarship application. Make sure the envelope is large enough and has at least (2 Forever Stamps) stamps for all materials.
- If you are asking for recommendation letters, ask your recommender to either (1) give his or her letter to you in a sealed envelope or (2) give/send his or her letter directly to Mr Lang via email.
- Mr Lang will review/check all the scholarship materials and add your transcript. Then, I will mail the entire scholarship package for you.

Finding scholarships takes time and attention; don't miss a valuable opportunity. In addition to the scholarships listed on Family Connection, there are many scholarship opportunities through your parents employer, community service groups, church, universities, colleges, and sports club's.
It is the responsibility of students and parents to further research any programs they might decide to patronize. The Financial Aid Information Sheets listed below are the updated information for 2017-2018.

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