Gunn High School will be having a Lockdown Safety Drill on Wednesday, February 20 from approximately 9:45 – 11:25 AM. The Gunn OFFICE will be CLOSED during the drill. Thank you for your understanding.
NAME Position Email
Michael Bautista Teacher
Cristina Cismas Florea Teacher
Rachel Congress Teacher
David Deggeller Teacher/Instuctional Lead
Rachel Dion Teacher
Diane Gleason Teacher
Daniel Hahn Teacher
Kathy Hawes Teacher
Jessica Hexsel Teacher
Marcus Jamison Teacher
Takeshi Kaneko Teacher
Chris Karas Teacher
Carlos Martinez Teacher
Emily Pinkston Teacher
Chris Redfield Teacher
Daisy Renazco Teacher
Karen Saxena Teacher
Toni Smith Teacher
Gopi Tantod Teacher
Emily Yun Teacher