Gunn High School will be having a Lockdown Safety Drill on Wednesday, February 20 from approximately 9:45 – 11:25 AM. The Gunn OFFICE will be CLOSED during the drill. Thank you for your understanding.
NAME Position Email
Arlena Arteaga Teacher
David Bisbee Teacher
Warren Collier Teacher
Rich Di Giacomo Teacher
Scott Elfving Teacher
Tara Firenzi Teacher
Patricia Holmes Teacher
Laurel Howard Teacher
Chris Johnson Teacher
Arthur Kinyanjui Teacher
Dawna Linsdell Teacher
Philip Lyons Teacher
Nora Matta Teacher
Brian Miguel Teacher
Jason Miller Teacher
Lynne Navarro Teacher/Instuctional Lead
Jeff Patrick Teacher
Haley Perkins Teacher
Ariane Tuomy Teacher
Anna Ward Teacher
Mark Weisman Teacher