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Parent Volunteers

There are many different volunteering opportunities at Gunn, volunteers log thousands of hours at school every year. We could not do it without you.

Signing up is easy, go to Gunn PTSA on, and login, click on the Community Gunn PTSA and look in the Activities and Signups block. Events and needs that are coming up are at the top of the list.

Login: your email address and create your own password (if you don't already have an account). Click on the events you would like to help out with. You will get a reminder the day before the event. Forgotten what you have signed up for? Go to Gunn PTSA, signups, on and look it up!

Back to School Opening Days Volunteering

  • Freshman Orientation starts Friday, August 9th,
  • Photo day is Monday, August 12th,
  • School starts Tuesday, August 13th.

There are many short term volunteer needs, from check out our Opening Days Volunteer needs here.

We also need extra help in the Student Activities Office for the first two weeks of school selling student cards, yearbooks, PE uniforms, stocking products and organizing forms. Check out our Student Activities Back to School help.

Occasional (events or projects) and Regular Volunteering

  • Academic Center needs lunch coverage every day, sign up for once a week, or once every two weeks.
  • College and Career Center needs project and occasional help.
  • College and Career Center needs regular weekly volunteers for running their office.
  • Departments: art, music, English, mathematics, world languages... need various kinds of occasional help, sign up here.
  • Event chairs, there are events for the students all year long. Sign up to coordinate one. We have lots of help for you.
  • Library help. The Library needs occasional help with events, repairing books, helping shelf, and helping run the Library, sign up here to help them.
  • Student Activities Office needs people who can come in for special projects/events throughout the year. Sign up here and show which days you might be free to help.