Art History 11

One semester of this course will fulfill the Social Studies elective requirement for graduation.

The great lives and trends of the history of art surveyed in chronological sequence together with an examination of art as a reflection of other historical events.

First semester consists of a study of art from prehistory through the Baroque.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a recent branch of psychology that stems from Humanistic Psychology. It’s aim is "to find and nurture genius and talent" (Compton 2005), and "to make normal life more fulfilling". Students will be exposed to the theoretical pillars of this discipline and will apply this theory to their own life. Through a series of

Physical Education 12

All freshmen and sophomores are required to complete this second semester of physical education. The activities of this course are designed around the State Physical Education Framework and statewide standards for PE.

Physical Education 9

All freshmen are required to complete the first semester of physical education. This course is designed specifically for 9th grade students.

The activities are designed around the State Physical Education Framework and statewide
standards for PE.

Works Of Shakespeare

Afraid of being called at “beetle-headed, flap-ear’d knave“? Learn the language to fight back.

Basic College Skills

This course focuses on basic preparation for college and beyond. It not only focuses on grammar, vocabulary, writing, and SAT/ACT preparation. but also on the college essay, college search, scholarship search, and resume building for jobs and internships. Instruction focuses on the requisite skills: critical thinking (reading comprehension), vocabulary development, sentence completion techniques, effective timed essay writing, and thorough teaching of grammar.

Facing History & Ourselves

We need citizens with the moral imagination required to be tolerant of difference, who understand what a creative act it is to connect themselves to others. – Margot Strol

World Classics H

This course is designed for students who want an advanced program in English. This honors-level course uses the works of authors such as Shakespeare, Achebe, Bronte, and Austen to study composition and literature. Additionally, the course utilizes world classics to explore the influence of world culture, thought, and values on contemporary thinking. Because it is a required course, it includes particular emphasis on instruction in reading and writing.

Advanced Communication

This one-semester required course for freshmen and sophomores emphasizes the advanced study of school-level composition, reading, and public speaking. The work of the semester is on effective persuasive organizing, supporting, and presenting materials in a paper or speech. Reading is selected to emphasize the challenges of effective communication. Recommended only for students desirous of advanced-level work in English.

Shakespeare In Performance

This interdisciplinary course for juniors and seniors offers students five units of English and five units of Drama credit. Students will enrich their study of a variety of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets as literary texts with hands-on experiences involving every facet of creating the "living" play. Students need not have extensive acting experience. Offered in alternate years. Any student wishing to enroll in this class must also be enrolled concurrently in Theatre 3 or 4.


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