This one-semester course introduces the student to the science of human behavior and mental processes. It explores the biological roots of behavior and such concepts as learning and development, neuroscience, perception and sensation, disorders, and states of consciousness.


This one-semester course covers basic micro and macroeconomic theory, including supply and demand theory, market structures, the role of government in the economy, and issues of economic development. While the emphasis is primarily on the United States economy, the analytical skills needed to be an educated consumer in a global economy are also stressed.


This one-semester course explores the constitutional foundations of American government, the decision-making processes within and between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government and the changes which have occurred over time. Our rights and responsibilities as American citizens are also stressed together with the electoral process and issues of politics and the media.

Contemporary World History

In this course, concepts from the social sciences are used to explore contemporary global issues. Special emphasis is given to non-Western regions, especially Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East and Asia.

Reading Between the Lines

The Expository Reading & Writing Course.

Philosophy Through Literature

What is the purpose of our lives? Can we know what's right and wrong? What is real? How should we live our lives? In this introductory course we will read literature written by Asian prophets, ancient Greeks, renaissance philosophers, modern novelists, feminists and scientists (among others) in their attempt to answer these questions. Students will be encouraged to discuss, debate and write about their own beliefs as they explore the enduring enigmas of our human existence.

Film Literature

This course relates composition in the motion picture to student reading and writing. It introduces the art and technique of film through a history of the film and a study of its genre and directors. Activities help the student explore film as art and as composition.

Analysis of the Writer's Craft

In this creative writing course, students will have the opportunity to write memoir, short fiction, and poetry, as well as to experiment with innovative forms. We will focus on developing a strong, authentic voice, developing scenes, and understanding effective structure. Students will write daily and will regularly share their work with other students. The course is recommended only for those who understand that the best writing comes from both creativity and discipline.

Classical Mythology

The antics and adventures of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and monsters come alive in this multidisciplinary elective for juniors and seniors. Through the study of drama, art, athletics, poetry and architecture of ancient times, students will learn the iconography, the stories, the philosophy and the history which so influence our modern world.

Escape Literature

This course explores some of the literary avenues of escape from the ordinary through stories and novels selected from mystery and suspense, horror, fantasy and science fiction. We will do both expository and creative writing and a variety of individual and group projects related to the stories and books we read.


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