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Geometry A

In addition to the objectives of the Geometry curriculum, analytic geometry and transformations are used throughout the course. Students are expected to work more independently, have strong algebra skills and be willing to solve more challenging problems.


Students study Euclidean Geometry including points, lines, angles, triangles, circles, polygons, solids, constructions, transformations and introductory right triangle trigonometry.  The course includes deductive reasoning and two column proofs.  It emphasizes mastery of key geometry concepts and incorporates algebra review as appropriate.

American Studies

Literature. In this course, students will explore American culture and history through the use of historical documents and readings from a wide range of classic authors, from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Toni Morrison. In addition, the course incorporates the art, music, film, fashion, and popular culture of the 20th century in American society. Through field trips, students have the opportunity to explore the rich history of the Bay Area. American Studies offers five units of U.S. History and five units of English credit per semester.

Geometry Honors

In addition to the objectives of the Geometry A curriculum, students study inferential logic.  Students are introduced to selected Algebra 2 topics including:  advanced factoring techniques, complex numbers, matrices, interval notation, sign pattern testing and 3-variable systems.  Students are expected to be highly motivated to learn about mathematics and have exceptional algebra skills.

Homework Expectation:  4 hours per week

Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors

This course covers content similar to Alg2/TrigA but with a greater emphasis on proof and problem solving.  In each unit, students are expected to apply their understanding of the content to solve problems that are similar but not identical to problems solved in class. Additional content includes an in depth study of conic sections including polar and rectangular forms.

Homework Expectation:  4 hours per week

Physics Honors

This course meets all graduation and university admission criteria for physical science.

Physics Honors is intended to prepare students interested in fields of study that could require them to take engineering level physics in college. Such students are expected to have strong skills in algebraic and trigonometric problem solving.

Chemistry Honors

Chemistry Honors is not required for students wanting to take AP science courses; Chemistry 1 is sufficient for this purpose.
Chemistry Honors covers all material that is covered in Chemistry, but with more depth and breadth. Topics like quantum mechanics, molecular geometry, thermodynamics, kinetics, dynamic equilibrium and electrochemistry are


This course meets all graduation and university admission criteria for physical science.
Topics covered include atomic structure, chemical nomenclature, stoichiometry, gas laws, states of matter, bonding, periodic properties of elements, solutions chemistry, kinetics of reactions, chemical equilibrium acid-base reactions, oxidation-reduction reactions and nuclear chemistry. (Note: same topics as Chemistry Honors).


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