Therapeutive Elective Class (TEC)

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The Therapeutic Elective class is designed to serve Palo Alto Unified School District high school level special education students whose IEP (Individualized Education Program) determines the need for a therapeutic environment in order to access their academic educational programs. TEC will provide a safe therapeutic environment in which, students develop and utilize appropriate emotional regulation and social behaviors in order to succeed academically. Each student’s IEP and personal goals are used to inform the individualization of instruction and support.  The class is comprised of academic instruction and therapeutic support. The academic portion of class is taught by a credentialed special education teacher. The therapeutic component is facilitated by a credentialed or licensed therapist. Each class will have a limited number of students per period, increasing individualized support for students based on their specific needs.

Placement in this course is an IEP team decision. Student must be receiving special education services to be eligible for this class.


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