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Angela Merchant amerchant@pausd.org

grew up in a large family in small town in central Illinois. She graduated from University of Illinois - Urbana with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, followed by several years working in academic labs in Boston and Chicago. She received her Masters degree in Education from Northwestern University, after which she taught for two years in Chicago Public Schools before her husband's career brought her to California in 2001. Angela considers herself lucky to have been part of the Titan family since then. Angela also received her National Board Certification with emphasis in biology.

Cindy Peters cpeters@pausd.org
Edward Corpuz ecorpuz@pausd.org
Josh Paley jpaley@pausd.org

is a Computer Science and Mathematics teacher who believes that a year of Computer Science should be a graduation requirement for all high school students. He is a member of the CSTA Leadership Cohort, a national group of teachers who effect change and promote CS education. Josh received the NCWIT Aspirations Award for Educators for his work in encouraging young women to do computing. He is excited to partner with UC-Berkeley on http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs10/ as well as Google's CAPE program. Josh won a national fantasy baseball contest in Y2K and occasionally writes articles on baseball, for example Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster 2011. Josh is an avid indoorsman as he is allergic to things such as plants, dirt, and probably fresh air. He enjoys board games and poker and is a ferocious Boggle player.

Mike Camicia mcamicia@pausd.org
Kristina Granlund kgranlund@pausd.org

Kristina Granlund-Moyer holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Cornell University, and teaching credentials in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as Career Tech Ed Engineering and Design.  She began her teaching career in the mathematics department at Sequoia High School, after many years working as a scientist and engineer developing automated laboratory instrumentation in Silicon Valley. 

At Gunn High School she teaches Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering (both Project Lead the Way® classes), and Engineering Technology, which is the academic home of the Gunn Robotics Team.  Kristina also advises the Engineering Club and the Electronics Club. 

Outside of school, Kristina enjoys running with her dog, cooking, gardening, and playing the French horn in local musical groups.