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Old University o 400 acres in the heart of Atlanta but retains the cozy campus feel.   40%  out of state, Calif well represented.  They are on COMMON APP!

SAT 20-5- and above   ACT 30 and above  1/3 female!

This is a tech school that allows you to COOP, go out of country and even shift majors.  Pre-med is open to ALL majors with good advising.  Known for its ability to help minority students get in to engineering. 

AP: 4/5 will be accepted and they will take all you hand off (she implied many places cap the number but she also said 8-10 common. 

Near a ton of Fortune 500 companies so internships abound.

COOP model uses the 3 semester but it will be at the same company!

It pays well.  You do NOT pay college during during COOP and they use the study one semester, COOP the next.  Yes this adds up to 5 years.  (Unless you cashed in AP credit).


RESEARCH:  two lines to consider, one would be an advisor helping you connect internally or the Georgia Tech Research Institute has profs you contact to hop on to their line of research. 

MAKER spaces.  Big money coming in from Texas Instruments to augment an already awesome space filled with tools and tech to make things.

INVENTION STUDIO is open 24/7 to all to design whatever.  (this is a school that does a lot of interdisciplinary coursework)

You absolutely can graduate in 4 years (5 with COOP). 

Residency: Parent must reside or you would have to live and work there one yr.  Then $9000 vs 28.3  $6000  (housing).

Transfer: Fall Sp or Summer after you earn 30 credit and have a 3.5 college  GPA.  Must take matching classes (they have a book that lists course equivalencies).   1000  taken per year.    WL (this yr not good odds)


In the Capitol Hill neighborhood....

 Seattle University