Logging into the ID (RapidIdentity) Portal

You will be able to access most student services (Infinite Campus, Schoology, Google Drive) through the ID.PAUSD.ORG portal.

All students: Username = student ID number.

If you are brand new to PAUSD and have never logged into ID.PAUSD.ORG, your password is as follows:

  • Password:   9 characters - The first 2 are first letter of your official first name and first letter of  your official last name in lower case. Then the exclamation point (!). The last 6 characters are comprised of the birthday in the form of MMDDYY. (You will change your password but the username is always your student ID number.)
  • Example: Timmy Titan with birthday of July 4, 2001 would have an initial password of:   jv!070401

If you are or have been a PAUSD student (Gunn or any other school) and you don’t remember your password, try to reset it yourself by clicking on “need help” on the id.pausd.org webpage.

After exhausting all self-help options, send an email to Olga Celis (ocelis@pausd.org)

Resetting ID Portal Password

  • Log into the ID (RapidIdentity) Portal and click on "Profiles" on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Then click on "Reset Password"
  • Enter "old" password and then "new" password twice.
  • Save. Within a few minutes, the new password will be synced to all products (Schoology, Google, Infinite Campus, etc.)

PAUSD.org detailed instructions: https://www.pausd.org/password-reset-instructions