Facilities Steering Committee


Facilities Steering Committee Central Building Project - May 21st, 2014 

In attendance:  Duncan MacMillan (neighbor), Lynne Navarro (Social Studies), Katya Villalobos (Principal), Kim Cowell (Asst. Principal), Laurie Pennington (Science), Shivani Pulimamidi (Special Ed.), Lisa Hall (Student Activities), Tom Hodges, Lori Larson (construction liaisons), and Erwin Lee (DLM Architecture). Notes taken by Martha Elderon.


    1. Schematic drawings for Gunn’s “Central Building Project” were approved for presentation to the Board of Education on June 3.

        1. DLM Architects presented one-story and two-story versions of the renovations for Spangenberg Lobby, the Music Building, and SAC building.

        2. The new SAC building will include the College & Career Center, classrooms, offices, conference rooms, storage rooms, a Wellness Center, and Student Activities Center.

        3. The new Music building will be attached to Spangenberg’s renovated lobby.

        4. A new student drop-off area will be created where the current CCC is, offering an open view of the renovated Quad.

    2. Renovation begins soon on our E and K buildings, to create classrooms for Social Studies and Special Education. Jessica Tabron is coordinating the classroom moves for teachers vacating the RC building and Village portables. Construction should be completed by August 6.

    3. The Miranda Dropoff Area continues to be improved and will feature a student drop-off area as well as 75 staff parking spaces by August.

        1. An email and map will be sent to Gunn parents in August explaining the roundabout drop-off procedure on Miranda. Information will also be included in Gunn’s Handbook.