Counseling Update February 23, 2015


Dear Gunn Community,
Here is this week's update from the Gunn Counseling Department.
Progress Reports (All Grades)
Third quarter progress reports are available online. A copy has been mailed home and you will receive it shortly.
Course Selections for 2015-2016 (9th, 10th, 11th Grade)
This week, the Gunn counselors will be meeting with 9th, 10th and 11th grade students in their English classes to begin the process of registering them for classes for next year. The counselors will review graduation requirements, elective classes, course selections and everything that is involved with students picking their classes for next year.
The counselors will be meeting in groups with specifically their students to go over the information.
Infinite Campus will open up on February 26 for current Gunn students to make their course selections and will close on March 9. Incoming students will have an earlier registration session.
Students will receive verification of their course selections by March 18 and they will be due back on March 23.
Time Management Sheet/AP Contract (9th, 10th and 11th Grades)
This year the Gunn Counseling department will be debuting a new time management sheet/AP contract to all students at the registration sessions. This contract has been worked on by the counseling departments of both Gunn and Palo Alto High School and all high school students in the district will receive it.
All students need to fill out the time management sheet and any student enrolling in AP class next year needs to do both (Time Management/AP Contract) and return it to the counseling office stapled with their course signup sheet from from Infinite Campus by March 9.
We would like you to closely look at the sheets as you and your student are planning their schedule for 2015-2016.

Summer School Registration Starts Wednesday, February 25, at 8:00 AM (9th, 10th, 11th Grades)
This Wednesday, February 25, Palo Alto Unified School District will open up their online portal for you to signup for summer school classes through Infinite Campus at 8:00 AM.  
The link that will be activated can be found here: 
Support Services (All Grades)
In light of recent tragic events at our school, we continue the conversation about caring for and supporting our students.  Below you will find information provided by our district about the grief process, how to support your child during this time, and the differences between grief and depression.
While Gunn High School continues to provide on-campus mental health services through Adolescent Counseling Services that address the unique emotional and social needs of adolescents (including grief/loss counseling), it is important to access additional community resources as needed.  Both students and parents are encouraged to seek out information about services through the Gunn Counseling Office or the PAUSD website. Students should always be encouraged to reach out to teachers, counselors or trusted adults when they need support in coping with the challenges they might be facing. Additionally, a brief sampling of community resources is listed at the end of this newsletter.
The Grief Process :
Grief is the normal response of sorrow, emotion, and confusion that comes from losing someone or something important to you.  The length of time spent grieving is different for each person and it cannot be rushed. There are many reasons for the differences, including personality, health, coping style, culture, family background, and life experiences. The time spent grieving also depends on your relationship with the person lost and how prepared you were for the loss.
With any grief or loss, it is important, over the months that follow, to continue to provide opportunities for feelings to be expressed.  Parents play a very important role in this process as how you help them process this grief can influence how they handle other challenging situations in the future.  This is a time when parents can have a very positive influence on their children.  How you help them handle this grief will, in some large or small way, help them in the future. Giving them permission to feel and share those feelings, to cry, to love and to care may be the greatest single gift you give them.
These are some of the normal responses to grief/loss.  Your child may:
·      Appear unaffected
·      Ask questions about the death or death in general
·      Be angry or aggressive
·      Be withdrawn or moody
·      Be sad or depressed
·      Become afraid
·      Have difficulty sleeping or eating
We suggest that you listen to your children. If they want to talk, answer their questions simply, honestly and be prepared to answer the same questions repeatedly.  It is key that you continue to monitor children as they move through the grief process, not letting them isolate while respecting their privacy, and accessing resources when it appears that certain feelings or behaviors extend beyond the normal grief process.
Grief versus Depression:
Depression is more than a feeling of grief after losing someone or something you love. Clinical depression is a whole body disorder. It can take over the way you think and feel. Symptoms of depression include:
·      A sad, anxious, or “empty” mood that won’t go away
·      Loss of interest in what you used to enjoy
·      Low energy, fatigue, feeling “slowed down”
·      Changes in sleep patterns
·      Loss of appetite, weight loss, or weight gain
·      Trouble concentrating, remembering, or making decisions
·      Feeling hopeless or gloomy
·      Feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless
·      Thoughts of death or suicide or a suicide attempt
·      Recurring aches and pains that don’t respond to treatment.
If you suspect that your child is showing symptoms of depression as opposed to the normal grieving process, please make an appointment with your health care provider to discuss the symptoms.  A referral for evaluation by a psychiatrist or mental health professional might be necessary.  As always, if you believe your child is in imminent danger, please contact 911.
Community Resources:

Upcoming Events
Listening to Youth Voices-March 1 First Congregational Church of Palo Alto 5:00 PM (Everyone)
On March 1 at 5:00 PM at First Congregational Church in Palo Alto, there will be a forum dedicated to hearing from students of our community as they discuss what their life is like at school, their home and in the community.
The event will be facilitated by Becky Beacom of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and will have Palo Alto City Councilman Pat Burt and PAUSD School Board Member Ken Dauber offering opening and closing remarks.
This evening will be an important opportunity to hear firsthand from our youth of their experiences in growing up in this community.  First Congregational Church of Palo Alto is located at 1985 Louis Road.
College and Career Center News
Family Connection Information (All Grades)
Here's some great information on our school website about Family Connection through our Naviance software. Family Connection allows you to learn more about the college application process.
The Gunn website has more information about Family Connection and a link to the Naviance too.
Foothill Middle College Visit on February 26 (10th and 11th Grades)
On February 26, at 10:50 AM, Foothill Middle College representatives will be on campus to talk about the middle college program that is available to Gunn students.
Students who go into the middle college program, attend all their classes for their junior and senior years of high school at Foothill and complete their high school requirements while also attending community college courses and earn college credit.
To sign up, just go to your Naviance account or contact Leighton Lang in the College and Career Center. 

Summer Opportunities February 25-7:00 PM Gunn Library (10th, 11th and 12th Grades)
Do you want to learn about summer opportunities for your Gunn student? College and Career Counselor, Linda Kirsch, will lead her annual "Summer Opportunity Fair" on February 25 at 7:00 PM in the Gunn Library.
During the event, there will be representatives talking about different opportunities for your student to do this summer.
Creating You College List Workshop on March 3 and March 24 (11th Grade)
The College and Career Center will be putting on a couple of early workshops for juniors to help them create their college list on March 3 and March 24.
Sign up through your Naviance account for workshops. If you're not able to attend either March workshop,  we will have additional ones in April and May.
Scholarship Information for Colleges (12th Grade)
With college fast approaching, many students will be interested in learning about scholarship opportunities. To learn more about what scholarships are available, come to College and Career Center and see Mr. Leighton Lang.
Follow Gunn Counseling on Twitter (All Grades)
Gunn Counseling is now on Twitter. You can get updates by following us on Twitter@Gunn Counseling.
Support PiE (All Grades)
Thanks to all of you who have supported Partners in Education (PiE). The donations to PiE have helped many programs at Gunn including our counseling program. Your donations have made a difference for all Gunn students.
Thank you for all of your support and take care of yourself and each other.
Tom Jacoubowsky
Assistant Principal/Head of Counseling
Gunn High School