Counseling Update - January 5, 2015


Dear Gunn Community,
Happy New Year and welcome back. Here is this week's update from the Gunn Counseling Department.
Beginning of Second Semester/First Semester Grades (All Grades)
Tomorrow will be the first day of the second semester and we're looking forward to seeing all of our students back at Gunn.
The school day will start with E period and there will be no Zero period classes. All Zero period classes will start on Wednesday.
This Thursday, January 8, the first semester grades will be officially released on Infinite Campus. By the beginning of next week, you will receive a mailed copy of the grades.
Assemblies on Wednesday (All Grades)
This Wednesday, January 7, there will be grade level assemblies for all students during our extra E period. Below is an overview of each assembly.
Sleep Assembly (Sophomores and Juniors)
We are very fortunate to have Dr. Dement and Dr. Pelayo from Stanford University come to Spangenberg Theater to speak to our sophomores and seniors about the importance of sleep.
With the winter break concluding, many students are coming back to Gunn fully rested as they were able to develop a consistent sleep pattern that allowed for ample sleep. During the school year, many students develop inconsistent sleep patterns where they're sleep deficient during the week with the idea that they can make up the lost sleep on the weekend. Research shows that this can be harmful to the body and sleep needs to happen for everyone on a consistent basis throughout the week.
One of my New Year's Resolutions is to develop a better sleep pattern for myself and also to work with our students and their parents on the importance of consistent sleep.
This assembly is the beginning of a partnership with Stanford University to host assemblies and workshops for all of our students and parents to bring awareness of the importance of sleep. We will keep you posted on the events we'll be doing on this topic through our weekly update.
PSAT Assembly (11th Grade)
At the beginning of winter break, all juniors received their PSAT results in the mail. On Wednesday, the college and career center will be having an assembly in Titan Gym for the juniors to go over their results and students will receive their test booklets.
Titan 101 on Wednesday (9th Grade)
On Wednesday, all Gunn Freshmen will be meeting with their Titan 101 coaches during E period. The Titan coaches will be reviewing how the year is going and get the students ready for the second semester.
Later this month, all Titan 101 groups will be meeting with their counselors to go over academic planning for next year and the years to follow.
Support (All Grades)
I personally want to thank everyone for all the support you have given our staff the past two months. It has been greatly appreciated by everyone.
The loss of youth to suicide is an issue that is larger than just a school or even a community but as a community we can come together to work together to take care of our youth and take care of each other.  
Our community has responded with the city setting up track watch and our district in providing additional counseling support at Gunn to help our students and staff on an ongoing basis. Our teachers have made accommodations for students in an effort to ensure that they have the time needed to complete their work.
To help support you in a time of crisis, here are some important phone numbers to contact.

  • Santa Clara County Hotline (855) 278-4204
  •  California Youth Crisis Hotline (800) 843-5200
  •  Suicide Hotline (800) 273-TALK

If you have concerns your child may have severe social emotional health needs, please email me at
I also ask that if you feel your child or another child is in severe danger of causing harm to themselves, please call 911 immediately.
ACS Counseling Available on Saturday (All Grades)
Adolescent Counseling Services now has the ability to see students on Saturdays.
There are now clinicians ready and available to do assessments at their outpatient clinic at 1717 Embarcadero Road Suite 4000 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
Parents and students need to contact Connie Mayer, the program director, at (925) 640-2422 to schedule an appointment.
Services will be offered for free for Gunn students at this time of crisis intervention.
Please note that this is not a drop in clinic and that an appointment is needed before a student can be seen.
College and Career Center News
Gunn Alums Talk about College-Friday (All Grades)
One of the more popular events put on by the Gunn Counseling Department and College and Career Center is our annual college panel of returning Gunn grads who will talk about what life is like in college.
At lunchtime this Friday, January 9, there will be two panels, one for seniors in the library and one for freshmen/sophomores/juniors in the staff lounge.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email Leighton Lang at
Family Connection Information (All Grades)
Here's some great information on our school website about Family Connection through our Naviance software. Family Connection allows you to learn more about the college application process.
The Gunn website has more information about Family Connection and a link to the Naviance too.
Practice on Oral Interviews-Each Tuesday (11th-12th Grades)
The Gunn College and Career Center is offering Tuesday workshops for students on oral interviews. The workshop is designed to help students work on oral interview for the college application process, job interviews and to improve their overall communication skills. For more information, please feel free to contact Linda Kirsch at
Out of State Public College Presentation February 5 at Paly (10th and 11th Grades)
For those who are interested in learning more about out of state public colleges, save the date of February 5 at 7:00 PM on your calendar for an informative event that will be held at the Palo Alto High School Library.
Held jointly by our two college and career centers, this event will have numerous schools talking about the opportunities available out of state for our students.
Follow Gunn Counseling on Twitter (All Grades)
Gunn Counseling is now on Twitter. You can get updates by following us on Twitter@Gunn Counseling.
Support PiE (All Grades)
Thanks to all of you who have supported Partners in Education (PiE). The donations to PiE have helped many programs at Gunn including our counseling program. Your donations have made a difference for all Gunn students.
Tom Jacoubowsky
Assistant Principal/Head of Counseling
Gunn High School