Gunn Counseling Update - October 7, 2013



Dear Gunn Community,
Here is this week's update from the Gunn Counseling Department.
New Feature on Weekly Update (Grade Headers)
For the past year we have brought you the weekly update and we have heard from many that it has been a great resource in finding out pertinent information from the counseling department.
Many of you have come up with suggestions that we have incorporated in our weekly updates and the latest is the use of (grade headers, which will be italicized) in the subject line so you can have a better idea of the main focus of the message.  We will continue to look at ways to improve and feel free to email me with any suggestions.
First Quarter Ends on Friday (October 11) (All Grades)
The end of the first quarter of the 2013-2014 school year will be on October 11. Grades will be due by Tuesday of the following week and will be posted online by October 16. A mailed copy of your student's grades will arrive a few days later.
Student Assembly on Digital Citizenship on October 8 in B Period (All Grades)
On Tuesday (October 8), all Gunn students will have a "Digital Citizenship" Assembly in their B period class. Teachers will lead a discussion of social media etiquette that is relevant for students living in today's social media world based on results from a survey students participated in last year.
Parent Information Night for 10th and 11th Graders on October 9 (10th and 11th grade)
On Wednesday (October 9), the counseling department will host an information night for 10th graders (6:30 PM) and 11th graders (7:45 PM) in the Gunn Library. The counselors will go over important information that is pertinent for your child in regards to preparation for college and services the counseling department offers.
Unity Day on October 9 (All grades)
On Wednesday (October 9), Gunn High School will be participating in the National Unity Day in support of bullying prevention. In the next week and a half, please encourage your student to make an online pledge and share their stories about why they would like bullying to end by clicking this link:
Students who complete the online pledge by October 8, will receive a free button that says "I Stand Against Bullying" to wear on October 9. We are also encouraging everyone on campus to wear orange on October 9 to show their support against bullying.
The end of bullying begins with you! Encourage your student to sign the petition to show their support and be an upstander and part of the solution.
EXPLORE/PLAN/PSAT/SENIOR College and Career Day on October 16 (All grades)
All freshmen (EXPLORE), sophomores (PLAN) and juniors (PSAT) will be taking assessment tests on October 16. All the tests will be provided free of charge and students do not need to sign up.
Testing for freshmen and senior activities will begin at 8:30 AM while testing for sophomores and juniors will begin at 9:00 AM.
Freshmen will have a Titan 101 session and will end their day at 12:30 PM. Sophomore and junior testing will also conclude by 12:30 PM while seniors will finish up their day at 11:45 AM. The students will be free to go home after they have finished their activities as the Gunn staff will do professional development in the afternoon.
Breaking the Cycle of Bullying October 17 Jordan Middle School 6:45-9:00 PM (All Grades)
On October 17, the Palo Alto PTA will sponsor "Breaking the Cycle of Bullying" at Jordan Middle School at 6:45 PM.
Speaker Holly Pederson from Parent's Place, will give two talks on strategies for parents to help break the cycle of bullying.  The two hour interactive talk will teach parents how to recognize the signs of bullying; create a safe school environment; and help the child who is using bullying behaviors, being targeted or witnessing bullying as a bystander.
College and Career Center News
College Fair at Palo Alto High School on October 14 6:30-8:30 PM (11th and 12th grades)
The annual College Fair this year will be held at Palo Alto High School on October 14. The evening starts at 6:30 PM and will have representatives from over 100 colleges.
To learn more about the evening, just go to the link below.
College Packet Workshop Wednesday at Lunch (October 9 and October 23) (12th Grade)
This Wednesday (September 11) at lunch, the College and Career Center will host a workshop to help students with their college packets. This workshop is open to all and will be held in the College and Career Center in M-3.
Practice on Oral Interviews-Each Thursday from 2:00 PM-4:00 PM (12th grade)
The Gunn College and Career Center will be having workshops for students each Thursday from 2:00-4:00 PM to work on their oral interview skills for the college application process. For more information, please feel free to contact Linda Kirsch at
Special Instructions for Georgetown (12th grade)
Seniors applying to Georgetown University must complete the paper copy of Georgetown's Secondary School Report and Midyear Report. Gunn counselors will not be submitting these forms electronically. Your counselor or the Registrar can supply you with a paper copy of these forms so you can complete your portion before you include them in your College Packet.
Support PiE (All Grades)
Thanks to all of you who have supported Partners in Education (PiE). The donations to PiE have helped many programs at Gunn including our counseling program. Your donations have made a difference for all Gunn students.
Thanks for all of your support and see you soon.
Tom Jacoubowsky
Assistant Principal/Head of Counseling
Gunn High School