Principal's Cup Award - Nominate Gunn's Teacher of the Year!


Students, parents, or staff members may nominate a teacher for this school year's Principal's Cup Award. This award celebrates a Gunn teacher who has demontrated professional knowledge of discipline and expertise in classroom teaching, shown their commitment to and effectiveness with students, is respected and is a leader among colleagues, who has contributed to school community etc.

Past recipients of the Principal's Cup Award are:

Timothy K. Farrell (1998-1999)
William C. Liberatore (1999-2000)
Hal Daner (2000-2001)
Kaye Little and Carol Kuiper (2001-2002)
John Robinson (2002-2003)
Paul Dunlap (2003-2004)
Ron Cooper (2004-2005)
James Shelby (2005-2006)
Jeanne Beck (2006-2007)
David Deggeller (2007-2008)
Tarn Wilson (2008-2009)
Todd Summers (2009-2010)
Daisy Renazco (2010-2011)
Lettie Weinmann (2011-2012)
Kristy Blackburn (2012-2013)
Cindy Peters (2013-2014)
Maria Powell (2014-2015)

You may nominate a Gunn teacher for this award by filling out the nomination form (see link below) and email any additional support letters to Martha Elderon, Secretary to Dr. Herrmann at by Friday, May 13th, 2016.


Principal's Cup Award Nomination Form