Principal's Cup Nomination Form

You may nominate a Gunn teacher for this award by filling out the nomination form.

Any student, parent, or staff member may nominate a teacher for this award. Please comment fully in those areas where your immediate knowledge can assist the School Site Council in fully appreciating the candidate. The individual must: 

-  be a classroom teacher at Gunn

-  have completed at least five years of service at Gunn

-  be nominated by a Gunn student, parent or staff member

-  not be a previous winner

Teacher excellence is reflected in : 

-  professional knowledge of discipline and expertise in classroom teaching

-  commitment to and effectiveness with students

-  respected leadership among colleagues

-  contribution to school community

-  ability to work as a team member

-  someone "who responds to individual needs," is able to "take whomever s/he gets and make them shine"

Thanks for joining in appreciating Gunn’s wonderful teachers!