Site Council Parent Election Results and Runoff Ballot  

Site Council

Each year, two of the four parent representatives serving on Site Council come up for election. According to the revised Site Council bylaws, incumbent representatives can serve two consecutive terms (four years). Incumbents, Stacey Ashlund and Jyoti Sahdev opted not to seek re-election.  Newcomers Ani Gnanalingam, Jen Schultz, Sunita Verma, Swati Mital and Kathy Veit put their names on the ballot in March.  After a careful tally, Ani Gnanalingam and Jen Schultz were elected to assume the two open seats for the next two years. The newly elected parents join Jane Dick and Liz Milner representing Gunn parents for 2015-2017.

There is a runoff election between Swati Mittal and Kathy Veit for the position of Parent Alternate.  The Parent Alternate serves as alternate at the meetings when a parent cannot attend.



SWATI MITTAL, Parent of Siddharth Jain (9th grade)

As a parent volunteer I have been an avid educator in the elementary and middle schools. I have coached Math Olympiad and Science Olympiad teams for elementary and middle school teams for the past 5 years. Many times I have created the slides from my own research. Teaching kids is my passion and I enjoy teaching them. Working so closely with kids has taught me that there are so many ways to think about the same problem. Each way is unique and is "natural" to the student with various tools and technologies so that we are able to reach out to that natural mode of thinking in every student. My principle in any education supplementing mechanism - it should be simple and natural. I have seen that this philosophy works for modern technologies and applies really well to existing classical methods also.My son is a freshman and my daughter will start Middle school in 2016. I am committed and looking forward to serve Gunn parents for the next few years with the best of my ability. As a software architect at work, my day to day work involves working with large teams in finding solutions to problems and then evaluating the solutions to find a best fit. This ability coupled with my passion for education will serve perfect fit for the Gunn Site council.

KATHY VEIT, Parent of Madeleine Speagle (9th grade)

I have been serving as an alternate on the Site Council this 2015-16 year. It has been an educational and rewarding experience for me that I would be honored to continue. I have extensive experience working in groups where group decision-making is needed, including in my 25 years as a Stanford administrator (I currently serve as senior director of university corporate and foundation relations, helping faculty across all fields raise research support); as a former board member of several organizations (e.g., Stanford's LGBTQ Center); and a volunteer leader in my church (I currently serve on the Partnership [=Public Service] Commission of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real). We are a two-mom household, which brings a unique perspective to my service. I have also tried to attend as many meetings as I can of the PAUSD LGBTQQ Task Force and volunteer when I can for Band Boosters, Drama Boosters, and parent-led events like the back-to-school BBQ.