Freshmen Course Registration



Our staff cannot wait to meet our newest Titans

We have a very exciting school year planned and we hope that you will find the information on this page helpful when signing up for your courses for the 2017-2018 school year.

 To view our Incoming Parent Night Presentation of January 25th, 2017, please click here.



All incoming 9th grade students have received a Course Selection form which needs to be filled out and returned, along with the Time Management form and the AP/Honors Contract, to the student’s Middle School office by February 10th. In addition, and as in previous years, current PAUSD students must also register for their courses online through Infinite Campus. Online Course Registration through Infinite Campus for 9th grade students will be available starting Friday, February 3rd, 2017 at 12:00 PM through February 9th, 2017. Please use the information below to guide you through the process.

Be sure to consult the course catalog to ensure you have met the course requirement(s) for each course. As we have increased student selection across all content areas, please remember to also consult your current teachers with any questions you may have in regards to your selections. To select courses in Infinite Campus, students will log in to their account and proceed as follows:

    1. Online Course Registration will be open from February 3, 2017 - February 9, 2017.

    2. All freshmen must enroll in a minimum of 7 courses each semester – including English, World History, Math, Science and Physical Education. Students must also select two elective courses and two alternates. When choosing electives, students should keep in mind that in order to graduate all students must complete two years of a World Language, one year of Visual and Performing Arts and 2 semesters of Career Technical Education courses.

    3. Students need to select a math course. Students are encouraged to communicate with their current teacher, counselor and the Gunn course catalog to assist in making an appropriate selection.

    4. For their Science class, all 9th grade students must select a Biology course. Please see the 17-18 Course Catalog or the Gunn website for additional information on available Biology courses. 

    5. English courses are semester-long courses. Students may select either the college prep or advanced courses, but both English classes need to be of the same level (both College Prep or both Advanced)

      • 1 Semester of Western Literature (College Prep) or Western Culture A (Advanced)
      • 1 Semester of Communication (College Prep) or Communication A (Advanced)

      For advice on level selection, see the “Characteristics of Advanced Students” on the English web page and talk with your current English teacher.

    6. The completion of level two of a single language other than English is a requirement for graduation, the University of California and California State University system.  U.C. and many private four-year colleges, recommend three or more years in a single language.

    7. All 9th grade students will automatically be enrolled in a Physical Education class. In order to receive a grade and credit, the student must attend class. Physical Education credit is NOT given for participation in Gunn Athletics alone –see online course catalog for details

    8. World History is required of all 9th grade students and students will automatically be enrolled in this class.
      Students will be enrolled in and they do not need to sign up for the following required courses:

      1. World History: is required of all 9th grade students and students will automatically be enrolled in this class.

      2. Physical Education: is required of all 9th grade students and students will automatically be enrolled in this class

    9. Please also see the 17-18 Gunn Course Catalog (on the Gunn Web Page) for information. Make sure you meet course prerequisite requirements before you select a course.

    10. To register for courses online via Infinite Campus:

      1. Students log in to their Infinite Campus account
      2. Click on “Registration: 17-18 Henry M. High School” from the menu on the left in Infinite Campus.

      3. Courses you have already been placed in will appear in a list labeled “Required Courses.” If you wish to change any of these courses, you must see your counselor. For questions about math and science course placements, see your current middle school math or science teacher.

      4. To select the rest of your courses click on the “Course Search” tab. In the entry field labeled “Course Name,” type in keywords from the course name or the course number and click “Go.”

      5. Click on the desired course from the list that appears on the right. Click on “Request this Course” or “Request as an Alternate.”

      6. Repeat process for each course.

10.  Athletes:  If you plan on participating in a Gunn sport, please type “Athletics” in the course search box.  Choose the course that corresponds to the sport you anticipate playing at Gunn.  These are only for Gunn sports - not club sports teams.  This does not guarantee you will make the team you indicate.  Do not count these when adding up the number of courses selected.

If you do not have access to online registration, use this worksheet as your registration form. Turn it into the Counseling Office and let the secretary know that you were not able to register online.