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Future Ready is an initiative started by the United States Department of Education with the purpose to achieve personalized learning for all students by infusing the dynamic use of technology into high-quality teaching. This is not another plan of action, but instead a framework and model for collaborative implementation of existing high quality teaching and learning. Many of the components necessary for success already exist within our schools, this framework attempts to bring cohesion to these existing islands of excellenc

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
About Chromebooks

What if the school owned Chromebook breaks?

Students needing Chromebook repairs should bring the device to GunnTech in E3 for evaluation.

What happens if the issued Chromebook is lost/stolen?

Just like a textbook, students will be responsible for the Chromebook replacement cost.

What level of tech support will there be?

Our I.T. team will fully support the school issued Chromebook. For personal devices, our team will support connectivity to the network and the chrome browser.

Who will pay for required Chromebook repairs?

Gunn Tech will advise regarding the best avenue for Chromebook repairs. Repairs costs required due to negligence will be assumed by parents/guardians.

What does the Chromebook come loaded with? What is on it?

Chromebooks do not have applications stored on the device. They do have the Chrome browser to access the Web and any Web Based Application, including Google Docs, Chrome Extensions and Applications.

Will teachers expect students to spend more time on homework once the device is issued?


Will my student be required to carry the device to school everyday?

Yes, students will be expected to bring the device to school to enable maximum use.

How will my student learn how to be a good digital citizen?

Professional development is given to teachers who take part in the pilot program and to all teachers throughout the year. The Gunn Librarian visits classes to discuss Digital Citizenship topics. Also, many classes devote time to digital citizenship lessons.

Can a School Issued Chromebook be used for non-school work related tasks?

The Chromebook can be used for any academic educational endeavor.

Will we have to return the school issued Chromebook over the summer?

Students issued a Chromebook are free to keep and use that device throughout their time at Gunn. If a student wishes to return their Chromebook to Gunn, they are free to do so by bringing it to the Technology Office (E-3)

When will we have to return the school issued Chromebook?

All students must return the device to the Gunn Tech Office before leaving Gunn HS for any reason, whether it's graduation or leaving for another school.

Can we swap the school issued Chromebook for an upgrade if they become available?

No, the Chromebook is expected to last for the duration of Gunn enrollment.

Can the school issued Chromebook be taken away from the student as a disciplinary procedure?


How did the school decided on Chromebook being the device that the school issues?

The Chromebook is better suited to student needs in a high school environment than other tablets. PAUSD received a generous grant to provide the chromebooks.

Is Gunn the only place with a 1:1 program?

No. In fact, many schools have already implemented a 1:1 or BYOD throughout the nation with great results. PAUSD secondary schools, Paly and Jordan, will begin programs modelled after Gunn's in the 2016-17 school year.

Can I print from my Chromebook?

Yes, but it needs to be done wirelessly. These instructions enable printing to a wireless printer. This article  explains how to enable printing using a “classic” network printer.  

Family Questions

If I want to buy a device for my child, what device should I buy?

The school is ready to provide a Chromebook to all students in the pilot program, however if you prefer to buy your child a device or have them bring a device they already own, the device should support the Chrome browser and have a large enough screen for any possible classroom activity (phones will not be sufficient).

What if my child does not want a Chromebook?

No student is required to have a Chromebook. Students can use their own device from home.

What if we prefer that our child does not assume the responsibility for the Chromebook or other device?

Students are expected to bring technology to class that will allow them to participate in classroom activities (laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets). If this is not a school-issued device, then they are expected to bring one from home.

What if we need help securing Internet service in our home?

Assistance is provided through the District Office or direct help through Comcast.

Can my student transfer files from a home computer to the Chromebook?

All Microsoft Office files can be converted to Google format.

What if we need help navigating the Chromebook during non-school hours?

Unfortunately, Gunn cannot provide support outside of school hours. However, there are many sites online that can assist you.

What if my student is spending too much time on the device?

Parents and students should discuss appropriate educational use of the device. Parents can contact their student’s counselor if additional assistance is needed.

Can we, as parents, restrict the use of the Chromebook?

Yes. Parents should be clear about time management expectations with their student. Common Sense Media offers excellent suggestions and resources.

What do we do if we are concerned that our student has unhealthy behavior (can’t stop using, frequenting inappropriate sites, spends too much time with social media)?

Teachers, counselors and the School Librarian can be consulted with questions regarding Digital Citizenship and appropriate behavior.

Can the Gunn issued Chromebook be used by other family members?

The Chromebook is to be used solely by the Gunn student who signed the PAUSD Use Agreement.  

Can I buy a case or other peripherals for the Chromebook?

You can buy any cases or peripherals your student may want, but none are required.

What can we do to personalize the School Issued Chromebook so it is easily recognizable?

Cases are a great way to personalize and protect your Chromebook from harm. Feel free to use a label maker to place your student’s name on the device, however please do not do anything that would permanently change the external look of the device.

Will we have to sign an Acceptable Use Policy?

Yes, please see the Gunn student handbook and the Future Ready web site.

Homework and Online Learning Opportunities

Can Gunn homework be done without using the Chromebook?

Yes, homework can be done on any device.

Will all my student’s teachers require that homework be done on the Chromebook?

No, use of a Chromebook for homework is not required.

Can the school provide online resources for the course so that my student does not have to use a textbook?

While Gunn prefers to offer online resources, including textbooks, not all publishing houses provide electronic materials, yet. Textbooks will be used to supplement classroom learning in many classes. We're looking to transition towards e-books in the near future.

What are some examples of how the device would be used by students in a Math class?

Students will be to use apps such as Desmos, Geogebra, and Mathchat in order to manipulate algebraic equations, graph functions, and have teachers assess their level of understanding by seeing the process by which students solve problems.

What are some examples of how the device would be used by students in a English, Science and Social Studies classes?

Students will be able to use Google Docs to write essays and peer-edit papers/presentations; Thinglink to create Infographics for new concepts. They can research primary text documents, using hyperdocs to explore new concepts, and tap EDPuzzle videos to actively interact with material presented in video format. To check for students level of understanding, teachers can use Kahoot, PearDeck, Socrative, Plickers, Quizlet, Padlet, or digital portfolios as formative assessment tools.

General Technology Questions

How much storage space “in the cloud” will my student have?

At this time, we expect that all students will have all the cloud storage space required for the school projects.

How secure is student work? What if it disappears?

All work saved in Google Docs is secure and password protected.

Who owns student files/pictures/data in the cloud?

Any work that is done in the PAUSD Google Apps Account will be owned by PAUSD and the district has the right to access all accounts as necessary.

Will there be places on campus for my student to charge their device?

Students can recharge their Chromebooks in the Library and GunnTech office. There will be some charging areas in classes but this is not something your child should count on. Your child should be in the habit of charging their device the night before coming to school.

How well do Windows/Macs interface with Chrome?

All documents stored in the cloud are accessible from any device.