A district-school-community partnership to help increase the numbers of under-represented students who are college ready upon high school graduation.

The project is dedicated to helping students & parents:

  • Understand the benefits of a college education
  • Learn the pathways to college
  • Learn how to prepare for college admission and support them in the process

Students in the College Pathway program at Gunn are enrolled in regular college-prep classes and have a typical schedule.  In addition, they receive encouragement and individualized support to reach their full potential and start on the path to college readiness. 

  • This project will support students in continuing to develop the academic skills and attitudes required for college success.  In addition, we will provide information to students and parents, about college preparatory courses, college eligibility requirements, and the college application and financial aid processes.

The College Pathway school staff commits to frequent communication with the student and family, to providing an environment of high expectations, and to maximizing the individual student’s academic and personal growth. The staff also commits to supporting the students by helping them to enroll and succeed in the courses they will need to meet college entrance requirements.

Students who choose to participate commit to actively engaging in their education, to taking responsibility for their learning in terms of attendance and work completion, to seeking out assistance when needed and fully participating in all the College Pathway activities.  Student activities include: 

  • Mandatory Student Lunch Meetings with career professional guest speakers, college admissions officers, college preparation workshops.
  • Field Trips to College/University campuses.
  • Field Trips to local companies when hosted.
  • Meetings with College Pathway Coordinator

Parents who choose to participate commit to staying informed about their student’s progress, to supporting their student’s learning at home, and to attending College Pathway parent events.

Myesha Compton (mcompton@pausd.org) is the Coordinator for the College Pathway Project.  If students do not fulfill their agreement to fully participate in the program they will lose their spot in the program because we have a waiting list of students interested in participating.