As soon as you have decided your post-high school plans, go to your Family Connection account with Naviance, and complete the 2018 Gunn Graduation Survey. You must complete this survey by May 11, 2018 or YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK UP YOUR CAP AND GOWN!!

Note: If you do not have a Family Connection account, please email Mr. Lang in the College and Career Center (


If you are planning to attend college, you will need to have your final transcript sent to your college of choice. (Four-year colleges expect a final transcript!!) To have your final transcript sent out, you must use Parchment.  Parchment is the on-line transcript sending service that Gunn uses. The website is

Things to remember about ordering your final transcript:

-If you have not used Parchment before (examples: you only applied to Common App schools; you only applied to UCs/CSUs), you must first set up a Parchment account. Go to Parchment and click on ‘Sign Up’.

-When Parchment asks when you want your final transcript sent, indicate ‘Hold for Grades’. That will tell Parchment that you want your transcript sent after 2nd semester grades are on it.

-Have Parchment questions? Go to, or see the Registrar. The Registrar is the one who processes all Parchment requests.

-Order your final transcript in Parchment BY FRIDAY, JUNE 15.

(If you wait until after June 15, the Registrar will be gone for the summer and your Parchment transcript request will NOT be processed!)

To download/print these instructions, please click HERE

Thank you for your cooperation in this important step in closing your Gunn High School experience.  Best wishes for your future happiness and success!

Registering for 2018-2019 Courses


Information on how to register for courses for the 2018-2019 school year.




Entering 9th Grade Presentation - January 2018


Entering 10th Grade Presentation - January 2018

Entering 12th Grade Presentation

Crisis Support

If you feel you need emotional support at this time or if you are concerned about the emotional needs of a friend, please go by the counseling office at any time during the school day. Counselors and Psychiatrists are available to talk with you. In addition, there are resources available in our community, 24 hours a day.

Below are some phone numbers that you may call at any time:

  •  Youth and Teen Suicide and Crisis Hotline       888-247-7717 
  •  Santa Clara County Suicide and Crisis Hotline  855-278-4204