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General Instruction

Every Living Skills student is asked to complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service . These hours can be completed during the 6 months prior to the beginning of this course, and must be done be the end of the semester (date will be posted on Schoology), with no exceptions.

Before you start working with any organization, you must complete this form and give it to your Living Skills teacher for approval. Once you have approval you may start your hours and track them on the blue record sheet. If you are working with more than one organization please list all of them, and your reasons, on just one approval sheet.

There are many ways you may be of service to your community. It will be your responsibility to make contacts and set up your service times. Be sure to see your teacher individually if you need help finding a placement. Your hours must be verified by a supervising adult on your Community Service Record Sheet. This accounts for 25% of your total grade.

To record your hours for Living Skills, please see the Community Service Gunn page.