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Science is a discipline that builds knowledge and skills over the years, culminating in a solid understanding of scientific principles and practices upon graduation.

Students are required to take two years of science in order to graduate, one year of biology and one year of physical science.

The science and technology program at Gunn High School is designed to produce scientifically literate students who will understand the scientific method and the tentative nature of scientific truth. They will learn some of the major concepts, laws, and theories of the various sciences.

Please feel free to contact the Instructional Lead for the Gunn Science Department, Ms. Laurie Pennington with your questions and/or concerns.

Information for AP Physics 1 Students for 2022-2023 School Year

Please bookmark:

Please complete this practice test to assess your progress and get ready for the diagnostic test that will be given in the 2nd week of school.  



AP Physics 1 is a college-level, algebra-based physics course that emphasizes the development of science practice skills along with physics content knowledge.  The goal of this summer assignment is to help you review the prerequisite study and math skills necessary to be successful in this course  


Prerequisite skills needed for success in this college-level AP course are:

  • TIME MANAGEMENT - Structure your time wisely so that you can manage this workload, have plenty of downtime, and still PRACTICE/LEARN.  
  • READ & follow instructions
  • SELF-ASSESS to see how well you know the material
  • Decode problems and solve problems using  your algebra, geometry, and trigonometry skills under time constraints
  • Writing Skills


We know you have summer plans and we want you to get plenty of rest and relaxation.   For this reason, the self-assessment exercises are designed so that you can pace yourself.  We suggest that you allocate 1-2 hour/week .  Some activities may be shorter or longer depending on your familiarity with the topics.  


Your knowledge of this material will be assessed with a test sometime in the first ten days of school.   Retakes to improve your grade will only be allowed if you complete this assignment and turn it in on time on Aug 16th.  Please complete these assignments on a separate sheet of paper.  Self-assess your progress against the key provided with each assignment. Show your work.

This practice may be unnecessary for some students, but a lifesaver for many You get to choose whether you want to get ahead now or have the stress of catching up when school reopens.  Begin self-assessing now as you work through these foundational study and math skills.  


Looking forward to meeting you all in August!



Ms. Norberg & Dr. Kompella