Mathematics is offered in three college preparatory sequences.  Generally, students take a four‑year sequence that leads to readiness for the first calculus course in college.  For those beginning this sequence in the 9th grade, the courses taken are Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Pre‑Calculus.

Advanced students take a sequence that prepares them for Advanced Placement AB Calculus or its equivalent in college.  The course sequence includes Algebra 1A, Geometry A, Algebra2/TrigA, Intro to Analysis and Calculus and Advanced Placement AB Calculus.

The most advanced students take a four-year honors sequence that culminates with the Advanced Placement BC Calculus exam as a senior. For those beginning this sequence in the 9th grade, the courses taken are Geometry H, Algebra2/TrigH, Analysis Honors and Advanced Placement BC Calculus.

Elective courses are offered in Computer Science, Problem Solving and Advanced Placement Statistics.


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