Date TimeLocationActivityAgendaMinutes
3/9/156:00-9:00PMGunn1 Hour intro meeting, followed by PTSA-sponsored schedule presentations by local schools PDF icon  PDF icon
 3/19/158:00AM 2:20PMMitchell Park Community Center CSC Retreat # 1: orientation, team building; core values & desired outcomes; scope, parameters & process, subcommittee formation & long-term planning PDF icon PDF icon


 4/2/158:00AM-2:30PMMitchell Park Community CenterCSC Retreat # 2: community agreements; text-based discussion; prioritize schedule criteria & desired outcomes; subcommittee workPDF icon  PDF icon


  •  2:30-3:30PM
    (Voluntary subcom. mtg.)
  • 3:30-5:30PM
    (Required full CSC mtg.)
 GunnWork on schedule models with Denise Clark PopePDF icon  PDF icon 


 4/20/15 6:00-9:00PM Gunn 1 Hour CSC meeting, followed by Town Hall meeting (7:00-9:00PM) PDF icon  


 4/21/15 2:30-4:30PM GunnDebrief Town Hall Meeting; continue work on schedule models PDF icon PDF icon 


 4/28/15 1:00-5:00PM GunnDecision making on Board recommendations PDF icon PDF icon


 5/4/15, 5/6/15 5:45-8:45PM GunnFinal review of CSC written report; planning for Board presentation; Committee closure activitiesPDF icon PDF icon PDF icon


 5/12/15 6:30PMPAUSD Administration BuildingPresentation of recommendations to PAUSD School Board   

***Attendance is required for all of the meetings above. Additional voluntary meetings, for site visits, community outreach and other CSC subcommittee work will be scheduled as needed on an ongoing basis.