Work Experience Program

Education Through Work Experience

Exploratory Experience is an unpaid off-campus course that provides students with an opportunity to explore their specific career interests by direct observation and hands on experience. The program has been designed to enable both business and community organizations to participate in providing quality education for students in the Palo Alto Unified School District. Professionals or individuals with established expertise serve as mentors for students (grade 10-12).

Placements in this program are limited to experiences that are developed through the school district and excludes community organizations such as clubs, private lessons, private home career sites and non-career focused service.

The Exploratory Experience Class is an elective class which provides a learning experience beyond the classroom that will help students towards making career decisions. Exploratory Experience qualifies for career/vocational education credit (60 hrs = 5 credits per semester) approximately 4 hours per week.

Download, complete and submit to Ms. Gyves in E3 for mailing to employer: Work Permit Application form

Instructor:  Ms. Theresa McDermott

Work Experience classes meet weekly at Gunn and at Paly. Attendance is mandatory either at Gunn or at Paly for students signed up for this class. Students should make arrangements with their employer so they can attend one of the Tuesday classes.

Gunn High School      
Tuesdays6:00 - 7:00 PMRoom C-04


Palo Alto High School  
Tuesdays3:15 - 4:05 PMTower Building, Room 28