Weighted GPA at Gunn


The School Board recently decided to add WGPA to Gunn and Paly’s transcripts. Following is the process by which WGPA are calculated at Gunn:

  • Weighted classes receive on additional point for GPA calculations.  An A in a college prep course receives 4.0 points and an A in an honors or AP course receives 5.0 points.  Grades that have pluses/minuses earn the whole number GPA points.  For example, a B+, B, and B- all earn 3.0 in a college prep class and 4.0 in an honors/AP class.
  • It is basically a cumulative weighted GPA … the current weighted GPA calculation on the Gunn transcript includes all courses on the transcript taken in grades 9-12 and takes into account all courses designated as honors and AP in Infinite Campus. It does not have a cap on the amount of weighted credit students can receive.  
  • This is different from the GPA calculation used at UC/CSU, which does not count 9th grade classes and limits the number of weighted courses to 8 total.  This is the WGPA that Paly will use this year.
  • The superintendent will form a small committee to study and recommend a WGPA formula for next year that will be used at both Paly and Gunn.